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Topic subjecti am so tired
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12680962, i am so tired
Posted by GirlChild, Fri Dec-19-14 04:05 PM


+ tonight is my opening reception. kinda feels like a coming out event for me. i'm tied to a larger institution here in SD and i never get any love in this city, lol.

+ i am so glad to be done with this long ass install. jesus, why do i do this to myself. it looks good but damn i'm tired. i'm putting myself on a two week time out after this.

+ two grad school friends are driving down from LA for the opening, that should be fun. i just need to go home and furiously clean my house.

+ i think i'm going to book a massage for myself. i need a mini vacation. i'm trying to avoid burn out but i see it steadily creeping in.

+ its been a good month. granted i found out about the awards last month, but i'm not feeling the affects of it, as everyone and they mama has been in contact with me. it's so werid, lol. when it comes, it comes hard and fast, and now i'm inundated with a ton of emails and requests that it's overwhelming. certainly not complaining but i want to take a step back and examine everything and make smart decisions. i also know i need a break. it's a weird feeling seeing your hard work pay off.