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Topic subjecta mess turned from a negative to a positive
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12680782, a mess turned from a negative to a positive
Posted by blackrussian, Fri Dec-19-14 02:14 PM
my grocery delivery guy dropped a bottle of red wine in my hallway, in the process ruining a pair of boots. but they are gonna reimburse me the cost of a new pair!

i've got all my books ready & while not excited about writing these essays, i'm looking forward to tackling the topics. i'm even planning on getting a bit creative with one of them too. the goal is to write a love letter/lamentation of sorts, but with lots of theory in there. maybe even a photo essay to accompany it. eek!

i've got another writing opportunity, more reviewing, and fingers crossed for this other job op. i'm really looking forward to the new year and continuing to tread this path i'm making for myself.

payday today, but i probably won't shop until mon/tues/weds. i only have a couple of xmas gifts to buy anyway!

this time next week i'll be in warmer climes & for some much needed time away (even though i'm taking the aforementioned books) and even a minibreak within that time away! plus can't wait to see the fam.

i had a wonderful catch up dinner with friends last weekend, and have a couple more over the next few days. one of the things i like about this time of year. also ran into an old friend and discovered we're practically neighbours!

of course, can't be talking about positive stuff and not mention D'Angelo. This. Shit. Right. Here.
it's just what I needed. managed to get concert tickets for the new year.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, xmas & new year!