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Topic subjectPositive Friday
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12680724, Positive Friday
Posted by teefiveten, Fri Dec-19-14 01:48 PM
dedicated to the regs and Girlchild, who got the ill prize and a new 'do to go with it :)

ive been doing 3 day work weeks since last week because i have vacation days to burn
i honestly couldn't afford to take the time off work load wise but I NEEDED IT
still had to work for a bit some days but i damn near bounced into work monday refreshed

i still have some work these two days but nothing huge. just 1 more email and im done!

also using this time off to catch up on stuff and set myself up for the new year, which is looking good

got offered 2 gigs for the end of this month! one of which is with Soulection!!!!!

feeling good.

today, im going to do some laundry and wash dishes
celebrate a birthday in jersey
tomorrow im getting brunch made for me
and i hope to see top 5
sunday im taking my mom around LI for a spell

have a good one!