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Topic subjectPositive Friday
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12680724, Positive Friday
Posted by teefiveten, Fri Dec-19-14 01:48 PM
dedicated to the regs and Girlchild, who got the ill prize and a new 'do to go with it :)

ive been doing 3 day work weeks since last week because i have vacation days to burn
i honestly couldn't afford to take the time off work load wise but I NEEDED IT
still had to work for a bit some days but i damn near bounced into work monday refreshed

i still have some work these two days but nothing huge. just 1 more email and im done!

also using this time off to catch up on stuff and set myself up for the new year, which is looking good

got offered 2 gigs for the end of this month! one of which is with Soulection!!!!!

feeling good.

today, im going to do some laundry and wash dishes
celebrate a birthday in jersey
tomorrow im getting brunch made for me
and i hope to see top 5
sunday im taking my mom around LI for a spell

have a good one!

12680752, Soulection is a great look
Posted by atruhead, Fri Dec-19-14 02:01 PM
my new job likes me. somehow this temp agency communicated to them that I was only available part time, my supervisor is reaching out to HR looking into full time for me now. Orientation starts early January, matching 401K, I could stay here a long time doing this job until a dream opportunity came along

my writing is seen by a lot of people, and I get paid for it

My mom is coming to town today, we're going to see Stevie Wonder tomorrow

no major complaints
12680782, a mess turned from a negative to a positive
Posted by blackrussian, Fri Dec-19-14 02:14 PM
my grocery delivery guy dropped a bottle of red wine in my hallway, in the process ruining a pair of boots. but they are gonna reimburse me the cost of a new pair!

i've got all my books ready & while not excited about writing these essays, i'm looking forward to tackling the topics. i'm even planning on getting a bit creative with one of them too. the goal is to write a love letter/lamentation of sorts, but with lots of theory in there. maybe even a photo essay to accompany it. eek!

i've got another writing opportunity, more reviewing, and fingers crossed for this other job op. i'm really looking forward to the new year and continuing to tread this path i'm making for myself.

payday today, but i probably won't shop until mon/tues/weds. i only have a couple of xmas gifts to buy anyway!

this time next week i'll be in warmer climes & for some much needed time away (even though i'm taking the aforementioned books) and even a minibreak within that time away! plus can't wait to see the fam.

i had a wonderful catch up dinner with friends last weekend, and have a couple more over the next few days. one of the things i like about this time of year. also ran into an old friend and discovered we're practically neighbours!

of course, can't be talking about positive stuff and not mention D'Angelo. This. Shit. Right. Here.
it's just what I needed. managed to get concert tickets for the new year.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, xmas & new year!
12680796, Winter Break
Posted by lfresh, Fri Dec-19-14 02:22 PM
in two business days then i'm off for the holidays!


still deciding whether or not to get a tree
will have some time to reflect on this year
it's been interesting
this weekend chillin

shout out to BSR wit the awesome tip regarding the library and free wifi hotspots
i really missed wifi in the home
apt sitting isnt bad without it
but infinitely better with

deciding on whether to go to Trace's shindig tonight
didn't realize the time lol

When you are born, you cry, and the world rejoices. Live so that when you die, you rejoice, and the world cries.
You cannot hate people for their own good.
12680962, i am so tired
Posted by GirlChild, Fri Dec-19-14 04:05 PM


+ tonight is my opening reception. kinda feels like a coming out event for me. i'm tied to a larger institution here in SD and i never get any love in this city, lol.

+ i am so glad to be done with this long ass install. jesus, why do i do this to myself. it looks good but damn i'm tired. i'm putting myself on a two week time out after this.

+ two grad school friends are driving down from LA for the opening, that should be fun. i just need to go home and furiously clean my house.

+ i think i'm going to book a massage for myself. i need a mini vacation. i'm trying to avoid burn out but i see it steadily creeping in.

+ its been a good month. granted i found out about the awards last month, but i'm not feeling the affects of it, as everyone and they mama has been in contact with me. it's so werid, lol. when it comes, it comes hard and fast, and now i'm inundated with a ton of emails and requests that it's overwhelming. certainly not complaining but i want to take a step back and examine everything and make smart decisions. i also know i need a break. it's a weird feeling seeing your hard work pay off.
12680977, in the past few weeks i went from dating 3 ppl, to having a gf
Posted by dba_BAD, Fri Dec-19-14 04:22 PM
and yeah shes smart and kind and interesting and all that, but she is also BAD. like, head-turningly, strikingly, stand out in a crowd good looking. and you know what? while it's of course not the most important thing about her or our connection, it don't hurt! And she loves the mess outta me. All thumbs up in that department

planning three getaways, two small ones over the holidays, one major one in the spring, looking forward to them all

my life still needs improvement in certain areas, but is glowing in others, and overall im feeling pretty ok

happy holidays!
12681167, Congrats! Good dude deserves a good woman :)
Posted by teefiveten, Fri Dec-19-14 10:34 PM
12681129, happy friday and shit
Posted by wbgirl, Fri Dec-19-14 07:49 PM
2 days into 38 and things are...things. i was having pre-birthday thoughts about how i'd like to see certain things happen in the coming year, so i need to flesh those out a bit more and make an action plan, etc.

so very thankful for friends who've been helping me celebrate this month. my circle might not be large but it is full of love and bacon and tacos and booze and books and music and really that covers the basics for me. lol

back to work tomorrow, potential shenanigans on sunday. we'll see what else the weekend brings.

life is good and love is good and god is good...y'all have fun & be safe out there, mmkay? :D

"I pray sometimes to keep my head together,
because you can use prayer however you want.
There are no rules one way or the other."
--Jami Attenberg

12681225, Off work until January 5th
Posted by Mahogany Soul, Sat Dec-20-14 02:33 AM
Looking forward to this much needed break. I've been working 10-12 hour days for the last 3 weeks. While the overtime is good, I'm tired.

Two weeks into a new job & I think I made the right decision.

Overall I'm in a good place, life is heading in the right direction.