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Topic subjectBack when Aunt Viv had to let a bitch know. *link*
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12680662, Back when Aunt Viv had to let a bitch know. *link*
Posted by Airbreed, Fri Dec-19-14 12:58 PM
12680667, RE: Back when Aunt Viv had to let a bitch know. *link*
Posted by b.Touch, Fri Dec-19-14 01:02 PM
12680670, I love that woman....
Posted by bonitaapplebaum71481, Fri Dec-19-14 01:03 PM
always and forever

"i wanna hug all u idiotic bastards & then set you all on fire" -Bin

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12680671, YOOOOOOOO!
Posted by Nvncible1, Fri Dec-19-14 01:04 PM
AND also something I didn't know and just found out.

COUSIN PAM ( maxine shaw from Living Single) on COSBY SHOW was a direct response to FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR? ( "hood" cousin sent to live with more "affluent family members)

It all makes sense now. But didn't want to make another cosby post.
12680674, You'll also notice that Family Matters "Blackened" up after
Posted by b.Touch, Fri Dec-19-14 01:06 PM
Fresh Prince became a huge hit.

Even moreso after "Martin" came on the scene.
12682171, You don't remember the Fresh Prince Episode
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Dec-22-14 09:39 AM
where Will goes.... *while looking at the camera* "would you look at that, Cosby show asked their cousin from the hood to live with them?"

12682179, "This looks like a house that got some cranapple juice in it"
Posted by b.Touch, Mon Dec-22-14 09:48 AM
12680676, RE: Back when Aunt Viv had to let a bitch know. *link*
Posted by b.Touch, Fri Dec-19-14 01:09 PM
12680788, light skinnded Viv couldn't work it like that.
Posted by SoWhat, Fri Dec-19-14 02:17 PM
i never really liked her.
12682036, Viv II was the upgrayedd.
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Sun Dec-21-14 10:44 PM
Wit 2 D's for a double dose of that judicial pimpin. I don't know what show you was watchin.






Bonus: What her granddaughter prolly look like.

12682029, Whose cat did she hold at knifepoint to get all them angles?
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Sun Dec-21-14 10:29 PM
12682032, why did they replace the original aunt Viv?
Posted by SimplyHannah, Sun Dec-21-14 10:36 PM
What was the story behind that?
12682034, Allegedly, she and Will hated each other.
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Sun Dec-21-14 10:40 PM
12682065, Janet Hubret (Viv #1) was "the misfit" on set
Posted by b.Touch, Mon Dec-22-14 12:11 AM
She didn't get along with her castmates and coworkers as well as the rest of the cast did. like dude said above, she in particular did not get along with Will Smith or Alfonso Ribeiro (they remember her as crazy, she remembers them as spoile and misbehaved young men).

Hubert breached her contract by getting pregnant during Season 3, but the showrunners managed to work said pregnancy into the plot and introduce a fourth Banks child to the cast. However, when it came time to do renewals for Season 4, given Hubert's breach of contract (and increased friction between her and everyone else while she was pregnant) the producers sought to "punish" her by reducing Hubert to semi-regular, docking both her overall pay and the number of episodes she'd appear in from 25 to 13. After a lot of back and forth, the producers fired her just before Hubert was about to accept their terms and went and recast Vivian Banks with Daphne Maxwell Reid.

Janet Hubert has been mad ever since.
12682069, Didn't she claim Will blackballed her from Hollywood
Posted by Overqualified, Mon Dec-22-14 01:01 AM
And she never worked again? I thought I remembered a suit of some sort...
12682094, She did sue Will and NBC, six months after being fired in 1993
Posted by b.Touch, Mon Dec-22-14 03:34 AM
Will claims not to have had nearly as much influence over her being let go as she believes, but he was glad to see her go all the same.

She hasn't worked _much_ since being fired, but she has worked some.
12682175, I never saw her on TV after that..
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Dec-22-14 09:42 AM
I just saw her on Bounce or some old sitcom as a guest but she never had a major role after that show.