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Topic subjectyes, after it was 50 days old, not when it was brand new...
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12681043, yes, after it was 50 days old, not when it was brand new...
Posted by StephBMore, Fri Dec-19-14 05:16 PM
so this reads to me that she heard about it or was made aware of it and goes to teh girl like "yo, this is 50 days old, can you handle it?"

girl "sure"

she never does and the ONE day that JellyBean is covering she puts a note on that EXACT application like "you do it."

that's some bullshit and I would have been pissed too. I would have done things differently though, I would have hit old girl with an email, cc'ing my boss

"hey xyz,

i'm working on the items you left for me to do and i noticed that the late application i asked you about in nov was on this stack for me to complete. i was unaware you weren't able to finish it and now the client whatever has been delayed. in the future, if you are unable to finish the application processing when i alert you to them, can you please let me know so the client won't be penalized? I'm sure after I alerted you it wasn't your intent to leave it uncompleted and i dont' mind helping you, but please let me know in advance."

there I state yes i told you about this before, yes i will do the work, in the future let me know if you won't do this shit...so next time I can go straight to your boss and say "this the shit i'm talking about."