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Topic subjectOffice Ish: Am I a snitch??
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12680632, Office Ish: Am I a snitch??
Posted by JellyBean, Fri Dec-19-14 12:38 PM
I sent the following email to my supervisor and her supervisor...was there some other course of action I should have taken?

"Good Morning,

I am covering for Ms. **** today. While I don’t have a problem being a team player and assisting where needed, I do take issue with work not being completed intentionally. I made Ms. **** aware of a PG Medicaid application that at the time was 50+ days old. When I came in this morning that same PG application was on my desk with a note asking for me to process the case. I also received a call from M**** J***** ADAPT#xxxxxxx wondering the status of her case; the customer stated that **** said she would call her for a phone interview back in November and she never received a call. The customer’s application has been on file since November 17th, the case was never pended and no interview was conducted.

As her back-up person, I receive a great deal of calls from her customers in regards to the untimely processing of their cases. I do what I can to prevent the customers from escalating to upper management or to the director, but this pattern of leaving work when we are already bogged down with our own caseloads is starting to become a problem.

I will not penalize the customer when they have done everything that they are supposed to do in a timely manner and I will process these two cases by close of business today.