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Topic subject"i did it, i did it!!!" © The General
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12680540, "i did it, i did it!!!" © The General
Posted by GirlChild, Fri Dec-19-14 11:39 AM

Joan Mitchell Foundation announces the 2014 Painters & Sculptors Grant Recipients

New York, NY - The Joan Mitchell Foundation is pleased to announce the twenty-five recipients of the 2014 Painters & Sculptors Grant Program in the amount of $25,000 each.

Samanta Batra Mehta, New York, NY
Juan Angel Chavez, Chicago, IL
Andrea Chung, San Diego, CA
Esperanza Cortés, New York, NY
Vanessa Diaz, Lake Worth, FL
Yashua Klos, Brooklyn, NY
Don Kottmann, Kansas City, MO
Jessica Lagunas, Bronx, NY
Kapulani Landgraf, Pu'ahu'ula, HI
Clay Lohmann, Corvallis, OR
Anthony Luensman, Cincinnati, OH
Brandan Odums, New Orleans, LA
Joyce Ogden, Georgetown, IN

Paul Pagk, New York, NY
Stephanie Pierce, Fayetteville, AR
Arturo Rodriguez, Miami, FL
Elizabeth Simonson, Minneapolis, MN
Kevin Snipes, Cleveland, OH
Aaron Spangler, Park Rapids, MN
Donald M. Varnell, Ketchikan, AK
Sarah Wagner, Detroit, MI
Shoshanna Weinberger, Newark, NJ
Dyani White Hawk, St. Paul, MN
Jason S. Yi, Milwaukee, WI
Monica Zeringue, New Orleans, LA

The Painters & Sculptors Grant Program was established in 1993 to acknowledge painters and sculptors creating work of exceptional quality through unrestricted career support. The first year of grants was awarded in 1994 and the Foundation has funded individual artists annually since that time.

Nominators from across the country are invited to recommend artists, at any stage in their career, whom they feel deserve more recognition for their creative achievements and whose practice would significantly benefit from the grant. The candidates' images were viewed for consideration through an anonymous process by a jury panel that convened this fall at the office of the Joan Mitchell Foundation. Nominators and jurors include prominent visual artists and curators.

Established in 1993, the Joan Mitchell Foundation is an artist-endowed non-profit organization. The Foundation celebrates the legacy of Joan Mitchell and expands her vision to support the aspirations and development of diverse contemporary artists. We work to broaden the recognition of artists and their essential contributions to communities and society.

In addition to the Painters & Sculptors Grant Program, other programs undertaken by the Foundation include free art education programming for New York City youth and young adults, grants to arts organizations, the Creating a Living Legacy (CALL) program that supports mature artists in the areas of studio organization, archiving and inventory management, as well as grants to artists and arts communities in need of emergency support after a disaster. The Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans is an artist residency center that hosts national and local artists, and provides public programming that serves the broader community of New Orleans.

For more information on the Joan Mitchell Foundation and its recipients, please visit our website at joanmitchellfoundation.org.

12680545, let me hold something.
Posted by double negative, Fri Dec-19-14 11:40 AM
12680546, that's really great shit. congratulations!
Posted by MrThomas43423, Fri Dec-19-14 11:41 AM

it's true what they say...people are strange, when you're strangers.

not compassionate....only polite.

I am not like you at all and i cannot pretend.
12680558, congratulations!!! That's big shit
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Dec-19-14 11:48 AM
12680578, Awwww, shit
Posted by John Forte, Fri Dec-19-14 12:01 PM
12680580, hold on to that print and sell it so you can send your kid to college! lol
Posted by GirlChild, Fri Dec-19-14 12:03 PM
12680584, congrats...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Fri Dec-19-14 12:06 PM
..what images were submitted?

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
12680602, Wow thats so great! Congrats! n/m
Posted by DaHeathenOne76, Fri Dec-19-14 12:18 PM


12680604, woohoo!!!!!
Posted by lfresh, Fri Dec-19-14 12:18 PM

When you are born, you cry, and the world rejoices. Live so that when you die, you rejoice, and the world cries.
You cannot hate people for their own good.
12680613, put something on my student loans?
Posted by PROMO, Fri Dec-19-14 12:25 PM
sike. congrats!
12680663, yeaaaaaah!
Posted by blackrussian, Fri Dec-19-14 12:58 PM
12680680, swag
Posted by atruhead, Fri Dec-19-14 01:11 PM
12680684, *watches the value of my AChung piece go up*
Posted by Crucian1, Fri Dec-19-14 01:13 PM
good stuff lady

12680689, CONGRATULATIONS (C) Vesta
Posted by infin8, Fri Dec-19-14 01:18 PM
12680709, congrats nm
Posted by Binlahab, Fri Dec-19-14 01:34 PM

does it really matter?

for all my fans who keep my name in their mouth: http://i.imgur.com/v2xNOpS.jpg
12680738, CONGRATS!
Posted by RobOne4, Fri Dec-19-14 01:54 PM
12680742, oh wow congrats....what does that mean?
Posted by labcoat, Fri Dec-19-14 01:56 PM
like is it money in your pocket
or you have to use it for your
upcoming project?

either way
merry christmas to you!
12680912, no stipulations to the grant
Posted by GirlChild, Fri Dec-19-14 03:14 PM
12680783, Work!!!!!!!!
Posted by Sarah_Bellum, Fri Dec-19-14 02:15 PM
That's a big fucking deal. You're doing great work.

12680914, i'm trying
Posted by GirlChild, Fri Dec-19-14 03:15 PM
this kid ain't gon' take care of himself
12680805, That is fantastic, congratulations
Posted by initiationofplato, Fri Dec-19-14 02:27 PM
12680829, Congratulations lady.. You definitely deserve this
Posted by jimi, Fri Dec-19-14 02:39 PM

12680877, RE: "i did it, i did it!!!" © The General
Posted by Tiggerific, Fri Dec-19-14 02:58 PM
Congrats! This is awesome! 😀
12680996, congrats
Posted by ALmighty44, Fri Dec-19-14 04:42 PM
12681016, girl stop...
Posted by morpheme, Fri Dec-19-14 04:50 PM
this is incredible.
12681068, word up...congrats!
Posted by DunDaDa, Fri Dec-19-14 05:43 PM
12681077, Wow!! Congrats!
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Dec-19-14 05:56 PM
12681080, Congratulations!
Posted by Case_One, Fri Dec-19-14 06:05 PM

"America, stop turning our Court Houses of Justice into Dens for Justified Murderers."
12681131, yes!
Posted by SoWhat, Fri Dec-19-14 08:04 PM
12681266, Congrats!
Posted by dafriquan, Sat Dec-20-14 09:41 AM
Withdraw the full amount and do a money bricks pose with it :-)
12681289, Salute
Posted by AFRICAN, Sat Dec-20-14 10:38 AM
good shit.
12681362, Amazing. Werk!
Posted by Goldmind, Sat Dec-20-14 03:01 PM