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12681125, good for you
Posted by SoWhat, Fri Dec-19-14 07:41 PM
the OP asks why the prez can't pardon Assata. i explained - it's b/c her convictions were in state court and the prez can't pardon ppl convicted in state court for violations of state law.

you suggested a pardon on the fed charges (assumedly by Obama) and the granting of a new trial in the state case but didn't indicate who would grant that new trial. considering the OP asks about Obama and my reply to which you replied was also about Obama it stood to reason that you suggested Obama grant the new trial on state charges. to which i responded that's not possible.

if Assata is going to get a new trial on the state charges that order would have to come from a NJ appellate court and not the president. w/o regard for who or what you meant, that's the deal. if she's gonna get a new trial in a state case that order will need to come from a state court and not the fedz.