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Topic subjectThere is a good chance that she didn't shoot the cop
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12680715, There is a good chance that she didn't shoot the cop
Posted by Sarah_Bellum, Fri Dec-19-14 01:44 PM
The trooper that claims he saw her pulled a gun out of her pocketbook to shot at him, completely recanted his story. There was no gun powder residue on Assata's hands nor finger prints on the gun found at the scene.
That trooper also never bothered to report another trooper that arrived at the scene at the time of the stop. That trooper was subsequently killed during the shoot out,yet dude never even reported that there was a second trooper on the scene, let alone that he was shot and dead until an hour after he arrived at the police station. So this man left a dead trooper on the side of the road for an hour and never called for back up or an ambulance. They found this trooper just laying in the road.

At the time the government was trying to set up black liberation groups, black panthers and even the SNCC to jail them, even in the early 70's. They were out to get them, no bones about it and trumped up a lot of charges against these types.
If you look at her record you'll see they were trying to get her for everything under the sun for 4 years... for everything from multiple bank robbery to kidnappings. Assata beat them all. Now if you think the courts are biased against black folks now, imagine how much ridiculous the charges against Assata must of been in the 1970's where they couldn't convict a black woman of multiple bank robberies etc several times?!?!

I think it's likely that they were set up and it's likely that the trooper that died was killed by his fellow trooper during the shoot out with Assata's associates.

As far as her breaking out of jail... this woman is a damn super hero, and if she didn't do it I don't blame her for breaking out.

All that said, she's got State charges so Obama can't do a damn thing for her.