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Topic subjectYeah, I was scratching my head on Angela Davis too...
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12680484, Yeah, I was scratching my head on Angela Davis too...
Posted by bentagain, Fri Dec-19-14 10:49 AM
I was watching a documentary on her not too long ago

and she was interviewed in the doc, so I'm guessing it had her consent

but I didn't understand why her case is received with so much sympathy

from what I remember

she ended up having a relationship with an inmate

and somehow the inmate's younger brother comes to possess guns registered to Angela...

...maybe I'm missing something that somebody could expound upon...

but I was waiting for the AHA moment, and I didn't see it.

I get that she was found not guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, etc...

but it did feel to me that there was some sort of criminal charge for at least supplying the guns