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Topic subjectWe read Darren Wilson's book too, right?
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12680483, We read Darren Wilson's book too, right?
Posted by deejboram, Fri Dec-19-14 10:47 AM
I read his book and other stuff surrounding his case while I lived in Philly.
At first I used to be all FREE MUMIA
but after reading all this info (his included)
I'm left inconclusive.
a big fat I DONT KNOW
both sides make very compelling cases

i dont know everything that was presented in court so can't say what the jury saw/heard

in Philly i used to be around a buncha old heads and they were like "that nigga did it!"

so i dunno

>or something like that
>it kinda implicates his brother as the gunman
>also, see the reply below
>the main witness was a drug addict prostitute
>that ended up dead not long after the trial
>another implication that she was known to do favors for the
>to avoid being arrested
>(a little foggy on all the details, but I think other
>witnesses turned up dead too)