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Topic subject^^^excellent question
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12680410, ^^^excellent question
Posted by Binlahab, Fri Dec-19-14 09:39 AM
we dont know what she did. i have no reason whatsoever to take the word of law enforcement in regards to her case as during this time LEO on a federal level on down was literally waging war on people who identified like her, killing people left and right to break what they felt was an internal threat to the stability of the united states.

the system was corrupt then, she would not have gotten a fair trial & she shouldnt have been imprisoned ANYWAY as a political prisoner

now why should she be pardoned?

1) because we want her to be.
2) we will prolly never get another shot, if barry dont do it what POTUS would?
3) LEO obviously wants her brought back in chains to face "justice"
4) she is a shining example of our greatest generation and for her to live her life in her late retirement yrs behind bars is a travesty.

thats why, from my pov. why do you think she should not be?