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Topic subjectThis has a lot more implications than people understand.
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12679996, This has a lot more implications than people understand.
Posted by Sarah_Bellum, Thu Dec-18-14 05:01 PM
Every time a cop walks into your home with a camera you've provided them with a recording they can go back to 6 months later and review for "probably cause" to get a warrant to go back and search again. This is bad!!!! We're about to give away the protection from illegal search and seizure like it's a candy bar... without so much as a thought.

Now, imagine when your next governor elect, mayor or attorney general campaigns to pass legislation that the police don't like. Release a little footage and campaign over, careers over, even if a crime was not actually committed. You see how the NYPD and St. Louis police are already threatening to leave people unprotected in retaliation for calls for reforms and prosecution. Demanding apologies from foot ball players etc. Now imagine they've got hours and hours of video of every citizen that ever had contact with them at their finger tips. Now they'll say, "oh, the data will never get leaked and we have this protection and that protection to prevent it" but um... do you trust the same guys that are literally threatening the public because they want them to stop murdering people are going to hold true to that?
I don't...

You see that we don't prosecute even when there is video... yet some how video is the solution.