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Topic subjectEverytime something bad happens we blindly scream
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12679945, Everytime something bad happens we blindly scream
Posted by Sarah_Bellum, Thu Dec-18-14 04:29 PM
"take my privacy please" and see it used against us.
Now when the police want to defame you or discredit you they'll have their own personal videos to leak made by them, maybe not even from the incident involved, maybe from 3 years ago when you got mouthy with a cop from a ticket. When they come in your home, a private space, now they'll be recording inside your home, something they couldn't do before without a warrant or your permission. Domestic violence situations, rape situations... victims faces will now be on video for the world to see. I love how people don't trust the cops not to shoot you but somehow they trust the cops to record hours and hours of video of people in vulnerable situations, private spaces and use it ethically. You see how they leak shit now when ever they wanna paint pictures and stories. Wait until they have a tera after terabyte to leak. This will turn the cops into TMZ and Cointelpro all at the same time.

I mean we see how they used the surveillance of mike brown in that corner store to prove that he did all types of shit that is impossible and defame his character. There are no rules to govern data management let alone prosecute people that leak it.