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Topic subjectCheck this out; XBOX Music Pass $49 tomorrow (12/19/14)
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12679225, Check this out; XBOX Music Pass $49 tomorrow (12/19/14)
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Dec-18-14 08:42 AM
We were talking about streaming music services the other day. I suggested Google Play Music was the GOAT.... Despite that, in reality, i'm a fan of all of the offerings.... Google just had what I wanted/needed when I was ready to commit...

If you aren't married to a particular service right now such as Spotify or Google Music or Beats...

XBox Music is another GREAT alternative that many folks might not be aware of. The only thing that it lacks, that the others have, is the robust social integration... other than that, I'd consider it one of the best of the bunch.

So anyways, if you want a GREAT DEAL...tomorrow, 12/19/2014, you can get a 1-Year XBox Music pass for $49 if you purchase online. That's $4/month for access to a music catalog every bit as robust as all of the competing services. Great interface. Apps for every platform (iOS, Android, Windows).


I believe they're even offering it for $29 if you purchase from one of the few Microsoft brick & mortar stores....

Streaming music isn't only the future of music consumption, it's the present. Get on it....

Don't say FLUIDJ ain't never put you on to something......
12679303, damn...like that? nobody interested??
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Dec-18-14 09:57 AM

12679574, RE: damn...like that? nobody interested??
Posted by mangog, Thu Dec-18-14 12:48 PM
Man i've had that reminder since the 12 days deal got announced. I'm ready lol
12679612, lol..staying woke! i'm tempted just to gift it to someone...it's so thorough
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Dec-18-14 01:04 PM
of a deal...