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Topic subjectThis line is gold considering the leak showed the opposite
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12680628, This line is gold considering the leak showed the opposite
Posted by BigReg, Fri Dec-19-14 12:35 PM
>Financiers are unsure whether to proceed with planned deals to
>back Sony films, as some talent agents — worried about
>management stability at Sony and long-term chaos — consider
>funneling scripts elsewhere. Even Sony’s relations with news
>outlets have been dealt a lasting blow, with the studio upset
>about the willingness of some reporters to dig through stolen
>documents and media contacts given an unusually candid glimpse
>into how executives try to manipulate coverage.

This is so meta it's like the sequen to Inception. Nytimes is writing about how Sony is mad at the Nytimes for reporting all the bad things in the leaks including how the Nytimes would regularly kill stories at the studios beck and call, lol.

>Wednesday’s decision to withdraw the film brought public
>silence from the Motion Picture Association of America and its
>chief executive, Christopher J. Dodd, who had remained quiet
>through a three-week media onslaught on Sony. People
>associated with Mr. Dodd, speaking privately, said he failed
>to mobilize competing studio chiefs in support of the studio,
>partly because they feared drawing attention to themselves and
>partly because they doubted that public statements or actions
>would be effective.

And bringing back things to fapgate this was their downfall. As opposed to showing a unified front that those nudes were in poor taste, it just seemed like everyone scrambled like roaches only to peak above the cupboard when new news would leak, lol