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Topic subjectAgain, why would they "admonish the media" for doing its job?
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12680559, Again, why would they "admonish the media" for doing its job?
Posted by ZooTown74, Fri Dec-19-14 11:49 AM
This, literally, is what you're saying should have happened:

*Hollywood Executive watches TV*

TV REPORTER: It appears that Sony has been hacked. Hundreds of thousands of social security numbers and other personal information has been compromised...

*Hollywood Executive angrily turns over table*

HOLLYWOOD EXECUTIVE: Goddammit, media! How dare you report these things! I'm going to call in my assistant so I can have them fire off an angry op-ed admonishing you for this reporting!

I didn't read the Sorkin op-ed; did he not mention how "unfortunate" it was that people's persona information was compromised?

It really does sound like you want the Hollywood elites to just shut up because they're not showing enough compassion for those everyday Sony employees who had personal information compromised. Which is fine, I happen to agree, but just admit it.

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