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Topic subjectNiggas are really believing this "they could attack theaters" shit.
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12680291, Niggas are really believing this "they could attack theaters" shit.
Posted by ZooTown74, Thu Dec-18-14 11:31 PM
Like, niggas really bought into it. I got motherfuckers on my timeline talking about, "but all it takes is 1 death and that will be it." Really?

And believe me, I'm not carrying no free speech flags for these dickheads. Seth Rogen has about 8.1 million ways to dry his eyes over this shit. But it's astounding to me to see niggas capitulating to this shit, even as Homeland Security said the threat had no teeth.

And I'm betting that the theaters that pulled this shit weren't really concerned with "customer safety," but more with the extra unforeseen expenses like extra security that would come with protecting everyone from this impending vicious attack. And I'm also betting that a few movie chains hit Sony up to see if they would foot the cost of that, and when Sony said nah, they pulled out.

Niggas made aliases.