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Topic subjectI know Ye got the best rants but Kurupt, dude got one here (link)
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12678787, I know Ye got the best rants but Kurupt, dude got one here (link)
Posted by Nick Has a Problem...Seriously, Wed Dec-17-14 05:00 PM
12678790, FUCK BELLY
Posted by T Reynolds, Wed Dec-17-14 05:01 PM
12678793, grown man 30+ that weighs 125 is automatically dope fiend status
Posted by Binlahab, Wed Dec-17-14 05:05 PM
whatever he got to say is irrelevant

12679120, lmao. Wind is a problem.
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Wed Dec-17-14 10:59 PM
12678803, We wear khaki's nigga, fuck jeans!
Posted by micMajestic, Wed Dec-17-14 05:10 PM

4 Better or 4 Worse
12678913, Kurupt is too neighborhood, man.
Posted by IkeMoses, Wed Dec-17-14 06:32 PM
12678919, He smoke dope. Sucking his teeth like that is his tweak.
Posted by deejboram, Wed Dec-17-14 06:36 PM
So sad.
12678928, ain't that negro from Philly? ...drugs are bad...mmmkay
Posted by lazyboi, Wed Dec-17-14 06:40 PM

"If you wanna help us, fine. Sit down with your kids and make 'em study at night...otherwise, shoot THIS mothaf*cka!" (c) Morgan Freeman,
12678935, then youtube reccommended that i watch Vlad interview Wesley pipes
Posted by illEskoBar221, Wed Dec-17-14 06:48 PM
nigga said he had sex with a 76 yr old
12678977, that escalated quickly
Posted by RobOne4, Wed Dec-17-14 07:34 PM
12679083, sherm
Posted by Mgmt, Wed Dec-17-14 10:08 PM
12679084, Kurupt has his own brand of Kush....
Posted by Kira, Wed Dec-17-14 10:10 PM

That's the reason he looked high in that video. Who wants to link the video of his younger brother blacking out on camera after taking a hit off a bong with a blow torch?
12679156, Must be called Red. Cause he gon cry in the car.
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Thu Dec-18-14 12:10 AM
12679178, he the one that did the dabs? yeah be did more than he was ready.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Dec-18-14 01:40 AM
12679101, damn, I hate seeing these older rappers all messed up like that
Posted by DJR, Wed Dec-17-14 10:31 PM
I get no enjoyment out of the numerous DMX videos out there, got no enjoyment out of that Kurupt video either. These cats need to get off that shit.
12679106, What in the fuck was that.
Posted by Brew, Wed Dec-17-14 10:36 PM
What is he on?!

That's one of the most awkward things I've ever seen.
12679112, I could not make it through that
Posted by makaveli, Wed Dec-17-14 10:53 PM
That was weird.
12679116, That tooth sucking shall not pass.
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Wed Dec-17-14 10:56 PM
12679121, gotdamn, I FELT that shit. and uh, dude is ON some shit.
Posted by double negative, Wed Dec-17-14 11:00 PM
be legal or over the counter
12679124, Dr. Jojo Haley's Miracle Elixir
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Wed Dec-17-14 11:01 PM
12679160, Simpson and Son’s Revitalizing Tonic
Posted by GriftyMcgrift, Thu Dec-18-14 12:33 AM
12679166, Prof. Pryor's Panacea
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Thu Dec-18-14 12:47 AM
12679132, i'm laughing but i'm slightly sad watching this
Posted by SHAstayhighalways, Wed Dec-17-14 11:15 PM
the fk happened to kurupt?
like in his face he look 50
12679219, cocaine's a helluva drug n/m
Posted by Scarface_7, Thu Dec-18-14 08:28 AM
12679175, WRONG!
Posted by smooth va, Thu Dec-18-14 01:28 AM
12679179, Shit, the damn Calling Out Names wasn't nothin' but a long-ass rant.
Posted by ZooTown74, Thu Dec-18-14 01:41 AM
That's what made it such a good diss record.

Niggas made aliases.
12679220, Has this lil fuck been locked up or something?
Posted by Scarface_7, Thu Dec-18-14 08:30 AM
Why go back to some many moons ago shit??
I hate Vlad the vampire, yo, got Kurupt sounding like the west coast
version of Lord Jamar and shit. SMH Sounding like the drunk uncle at the BBQ and shit... Damn shame...