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Topic subjectI had a face to face with approx 8-10 people once.
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12678760, I had a face to face with approx 8-10 people once.
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Wed Dec-17-14 04:44 PM
Initially it was just the manager and there was two-three other cats for the more technical part. During the technical interview, the manager started grabbing other cats and pulling them into the interview as each of the others left. In total I spoke with at least 8 people that day, likely 10.

I had another interview where I sat in a conference room with no fewer than 8 people, including the manager I had -just- interviewed with. When we were done, he took me to the director of IT to meet with him, then took me to meet with the VP of technology, then to a VP of the company.

I've been on conference call interviews with 6-8 people on them. Usually half of them don't say shit ever. I usually bomb out on those.


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