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Topic subjectokay techies: interviews
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12678712, okay techies: interviews
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Wed Dec-17-14 04:18 PM
for a software developer position at a gov agency (boo). typically
how many people do you meet with at one of these things? asking
because this recruiter wants to set me up for an over the phone
interview and apparently 6 f*cking people will be on the call? seems
a bit excessive, especially for a phone screen? i don't know.
12678726, does seem excessive for a phone screen
Posted by southphillyman, Wed Dec-17-14 04:26 PM
most i had on a phone screen was 3 people at once. it also was for a gov clearance level contract gig so maybe that's their thing iono
eventually got the job even though i started fucking up bad on the phone convo once one of the dudes got irrationally mad at me for saying "function" instead of "method" while describing something(java role)

actual interviews vary obs
had anywhere from 2 people 30-40 minute each
to full day of panels (3+ ppl a cycle)
once i had to white board brain teasers for 2 hours straight(didn't get the job)
once i was asked nothing technical or brain teasey at all
u can't call it really. just be prepared
12678756, word
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Wed Dec-17-14 04:43 PM
i've ran a similar gamut. i prefer in-person when having to
interact with multiple people only because it's hard
to gauge, for instance, body language over the phone.
shit's a shot in the dark but, i'm curious to see how
this will play out.

>u can't call it really. just be prepared
12678735, There are no rules when it comes to phone interviews
Posted by Atillah Moor, Wed Dec-17-14 04:29 PM
Most of those folks are probably on the call because so and so thinks they should be.

"One at a time or all at once-- it makes no difference" is always my attitude.
12678758, yeah, that's what it sounds like
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Wed Dec-17-14 04:44 PM
>Most of those folks are probably on the call because so and
>so thinks they should be.
12678752, it is purely TIME.
Posted by deejboram, Wed Dec-17-14 04:41 PM
you can have one person ask you 24 questions in a one hour span
or you can have six ppl ask you 4 questions each in that same timeframe

i look at it as it will all be related to my field and i'm a SME so i got nothing to lose

as SPM said,
i once had like 9 interviews in one day
company flew me to seattle
from 8am - 4pm i had an interview on the hour with a different person
the CTO took me to lunch and that was our interview
they had me on the 6pm SEA-SAN flight so i was BOOKING
12678760, I had a face to face with approx 8-10 people once.
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Wed Dec-17-14 04:44 PM
Initially it was just the manager and there was two-three other cats for the more technical part. During the technical interview, the manager started grabbing other cats and pulling them into the interview as each of the others left. In total I spoke with at least 8 people that day, likely 10.

I had another interview where I sat in a conference room with no fewer than 8 people, including the manager I had -just- interviewed with. When we were done, he took me to the director of IT to meet with him, then took me to meet with the VP of technology, then to a VP of the company.

I've been on conference call interviews with 6-8 people on them. Usually half of them don't say shit ever. I usually bomb out on those.


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12678789, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan once i interviewed with paypal
Posted by double negative, Wed Dec-17-14 05:01 PM
4 hours

1 hour test

8 people at once

fuck that.