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Topic subjectYou can't have nice shit with kids. | Cow's milk for infants???
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12678322, You can't have nice shit with kids. | Cow's milk for infants???
Posted by deejboram, Wed Dec-17-14 12:53 PM
1. My daughter just threw up 7oz of that gold ol Momma's Gold all over the couch. She was laying on my chest sleep then out of nowhere wakes up and in two big earls blllaarrrrgghhhh all over me and the couch. If this was one of them super expensive jawns I'd feel some type of way. Instead, I just change her out, then come back to wipe up the mess and spray it down with Dreft stain remover. Hoping the stains get camo'd in this brownish fabric.

Also, don't be rocking nothing fly around kids. I could be eating a cup of yogurt with that lil fruit cup on the side and out of nowhere here she come and be like SLAP! you don't want that do you. Knocks that shit out my hands and all over my outfit.
She flipped a whole bowl of chilli on my last week as I wasn't paying attn while holding her and she got quick hands. SMH.

2. She is 9mos and momma bear wants to transition her to cow's milk by her 1st bday. I'm kinda against this as we don't drink cow's milk ourselves (mainly cause of lactose intolerance). But also how much sense does it make for one species to drink the milk of another species?

She keep saying "studies have shown..." about the importance of cow's milk in a young lads life. I think this is mainly propaganda put out by the Dairy Industry (aka USDA)

How have yall (especially the OK Vegan contingent with kids) handle this?