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Topic subjecthow much we spending total this xmas
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12677640, how much we spending total this xmas
Posted by Binlahab, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM
just wrapped the heavy lifting, got the kids their wanted stuff...the needs (drawls, pajamas etc) will wait til AFTER xmas (holla!)

but yeah...didnt have to come off THAT much. i mean overall...im kinda straight. surprisingly.

& as usual i want to discuss totally socially inappropriate money things...because thats kinda who i am

im the guy who sees shit & be like DAMN how much that cost...?

& totally expects you to tell me.


Poll question: how much we spending total this xmas

Poll result (17 votes)
0.00 - 100 (5 votes)Vote
101-250 (1 votes)Vote
251-500 (3 votes)Vote
501-750 (2 votes)Vote
750-1k (1 votes)Vote
1k+ aka im lying (5 votes)Vote


12677687, 1K +...biggest Xmas budget to date
Posted by Stoogie, Tue Dec-16-14 10:39 PM
I'm thankful for being able to do these numbers but hating it at the same time.

12677825, kinda where im @ with it
Posted by Binlahab, Wed Dec-17-14 05:48 AM
just grateful i can manage it one more year

does it really matter?

for all my fans who keep my name in their mouth: http://i.imgur.com/v2xNOpS.jpg
12677689, it's not fair because I spent most of it on me
Posted by Rjcc, Tue Dec-16-14 10:44 PM
*shrug* everyone else wanted to put a budget on stuff soooo

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
12677821, lol I told my wife
Posted by osu_no_1, Wed Dec-17-14 05:35 AM
See this amazon wish list? Everything that's on here that I don't get? I'm buying it for myself after

And I don't wanna say what I spent so far. Put it like this, bin's limits might be off by an order of magnitude
12677838, like a BOSS lol...
Posted by FLUIDJ, Wed Dec-17-14 06:48 AM
just put it out there huh?
12678240, nahmean? I ain't set these rules
Posted by Rjcc, Wed Dec-17-14 12:16 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
12677691, i'm under 100
Posted by Geah, Tue Dec-16-14 10:49 PM
12677698, damn this chick is spoiled i guess.
Posted by veritas, Tue Dec-16-14 11:04 PM
she's getting around $300 in event tickets alone.

but on the other hand i got her at a point where giving her tickets to a fight i want to go to will make her happy, so that's worth more than money?
12677829, Over a stack.
Posted by kingjerm78, Wed Dec-17-14 06:14 AM
12677848, 0 to 100 nigga real quick! i thought we was #cancellingchristmas tho
Posted by deejboram, Wed Dec-17-14 07:26 AM
nothing at all hopefully.
wifey aint said nothing bout exchanging gifts
but she did send me some $140 fisher-price jungle gym thing she wants for the lil one
i quickly veto'd that and told her next xmas as she is still too small for that.
she can't even walk yet!

12677867, i dunno who told you that. im also not saying hands up dont shoot
Posted by Binlahab, Wed Dec-17-14 08:27 AM
you should ask me if you that interested in what i think or say instead of coming to your own idiotic conclusions

does it really matter?

for all my fans who keep my name in their mouth: http://i.imgur.com/v2xNOpS.jpg
12678249, i dont feel so christmasy this year
Posted by deejboram, Wed Dec-17-14 12:21 PM
just another day
another dolla
had so much use or lose i get three weeks of xmas vacay this year
actually had 4 weeks but i needed to get some stuff off to a client last week so i couldnt take that week off as well

but all is good
what you buying your kids?
they intto video game systems?
12678264, RE: how much we spending total this xmas
Posted by DaHeathenOne76, Wed Dec-17-14 12:28 PM
OKP Secret gift
Work Secret gift


12678280, ~$400 on gifts, $250 to charity
Posted by Oak27, Wed Dec-17-14 12:35 PM
My immediate fam (parents, sister) started just donating what we would spend on each other to charity several Christmases ago. The $400 or so is between my girlfriend and some yankee swaps.
12678283, check ur inbox
Posted by Crucian1, Wed Dec-17-14 12:37 PM

You posting in a hoe's tone (c) monkeynuts
12678365, Tryin to stay below $1K like my life depends on it
Posted by placee_22, Wed Dec-17-14 01:16 PM
I think we'll make it this yr.
12678372, i think we spent under 300 for both kids
Posted by GROOVEPHI, Wed Dec-17-14 01:20 PM
and I aint spend none on my wife. Bought her gift with a giftcard I had laying around.

12679005, RE: how much we spending total this xmas
Posted by auset1, Wed Dec-17-14 07:59 PM
Got my son an xbox $180
3ft tall darth vadar. $20

That's it