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Topic subjectCards Against Humanity Bullshit
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12677383, Cards Against Humanity Bullshit
Posted by John Forte, Tue Dec-16-14 04:22 PM
So Cards Against Humanity ran a black friday specail on it's special bullshit pack. They sold 30,000. What the buyers didn't know is that they were buying actual bull shit.

12677413, *dead*
Posted by BabySoulRebel, Tue Dec-16-14 04:39 PM
they are such assholes and I can't help but love it.
I signed up for the Ten Days of Whatever-zaa this year
got some cards, stickers and some funny pages so far
12677426, i think it's pretty fantastic.
Posted by veritas, Tue Dec-16-14 04:47 PM

On eBay they're going for more than they cost.
12677443, Except they DID know. It was advertised as such.
Posted by Ryan M, Tue Dec-16-14 04:53 PM
12677510, Yea, I was pretty sure they specified it was actual crap
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Tue Dec-16-14 06:02 PM
we almost bought it for laughs but then figured it was going to far. I respect the money going to charity.
12677478, I appreciate the proceeds going to charity.
Posted by Soon, Tue Dec-16-14 05:20 PM
Quite literally shittin' on Black Friday.