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Topic subjectWhere to you spend the most Xmas money
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12677316, Where to you spend the most Xmas money
Posted by John Forte, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM

Poll question: Where to you spend the most Xmas money

Poll result (6 votes)
Kid(s) (3 votes)Vote
S.O. (2 votes)Vote
other relatives (1 votes)Vote


12677320, where is the I'm Jehova's Witness option?
Posted by deejboram, Tue Dec-16-14 03:51 PM
12677322, yeah!
Posted by BlassFemur, Tue Dec-16-14 03:52 PM
12677338, moms/little bro/grandparents/secret santa
Posted by BabySoulRebel, Tue Dec-16-14 03:59 PM
everybody else can kick rocks
12677352, does myself count as "other relatives?"
Posted by veritas, Tue Dec-16-14 04:07 PM
shiiit sometimes i get real dumb with it. even wrap shit up for myself and put it under the tree. act like i think santa brought it.

my loved ones are gonna have a tough time telling when i really do completely lose my shit.
12677610, I'm convinced my customers doing this. Buying $200
Posted by ndibs, Tue Dec-16-14 08:29 PM
Pairs of shoes and dresses for themselves on some can you wrap it up pretty, it's for a friend...
12677528, charity
Posted by tomjohn29, Tue Dec-16-14 06:41 PM
i send gifts to a womens shelter i stayed in for a christmas every year
12677608, that's cool, man.
Posted by placee_22, Tue Dec-16-14 08:26 PM
I'm assuming you stayed there as a kid?