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12677609, yes.
Posted by Joe Corn Mo, Tue Dec-16-14 08:28 PM
i felt some kinda way about the OP because my reading of it implies that
it was a backhanded way of saying black folks need to "just" "get over" slavery.

SPM, apparently agreed with my reading of the OP,
and chimed in about how we need to act/ do better to get overcome the baggage associated with slavery.

we went back and forth about that for a while until we gave up and quit replying to each other.

while all of that was going on, you brought up the "what about black crime?" angle,
which is something that some conservative will always bring up whenever racism comes up in conversation.

when you said that, i said you were making something i called the "coon train argument." the coon train is a reference to a viral video that features conservative black ppl dancing around, asking "what about black on black crime?"

i was being dismissive of you because i hate the any references to the
"black on black" crime rate.

blacks and whites commit the same amount of crime.
ppl of every race are most likely to be victimized by criminals that are the same race as them.

mostly because most ppl interact with ppl of the same race as them.

the black on black crime rate is not substantially different than the white on white crime rate.

so any time ppl bring up black on black crime, i make a mental note that
the person talking to me is about to be on some bullshit.

in real life, i wouldn't call that person a coon.
but this is OKP, so i just said that shit.

i am not interested in continuing this conversation right now,
b/c whatever you are about to say next will either be another conservative talking point,
or you pretending to not understand what i just wrote.

but if you respond to this post, may be willing to comment on whatever you say later on.

hope that helped!

>Why??? I am not really understanding anything that you are
>saying to me and about me...Please explain yourself???...
>>♥ :* I LUV ALL A' Y'ALL!!! :7 !!! :* ♥