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Topic subjectso it's exactly what i thought it was.
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12677527, so it's exactly what i thought it was.
Posted by Joe Corn Mo, Tue Dec-16-14 06:35 PM
and your ain't shit father metaphor is a perfect illustration
of why i hate this post.

i never want to hear anybody tell me much of anything
about how i should feel about my childhood.

i have a good relationship with my father now.
i am not angry about my childhood anymore.
i have also taken a bunch of steps to successfully "overcome" what i went through.

but even if i was STILL in "fuck my ain't shit" dad mode,
and i still had a visceral reaction about my abusive childhood,
it will never be anybody's place to tell me how i should FEEL about my childhood.
the shit happened to me, not them.

you kinda have to get through that "fuck him" phase to build move onwards and upwards.

when you tell ppl to not have a "visceral" reaction,
you are coming dangerously close to telling them to not react.

either help me move on, or stfu.
but don't ever tell me how to feel.

and never tell me to "get over it."
don't even say anything that reminds me you might be implying that.

>there's a difference in 'knowing' and being directly affected
>by slavery.
>and having a visceral reaction to it.
>a visceral reaction would be more in line with taking it
>not just being 'personally affected by it'
>here's an example.
>say you have an aint-shit father.
>he's always been aint-shit.
>even before you were born.
>he's even done some aint-shit things to you.
>you're upset that it happened.
>but do you take it personal? like 'fuck that nigga'
>or 'my father, the dirtbag, i understand why he's that way, i
>don't take it personal'