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Topic subjectthere's more distinction to be made.
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12677514, there's more distinction to be made.
Posted by Deadzombie, Tue Dec-16-14 06:20 PM
there's a difference in 'knowing' and being directly affected by slavery.

and having a visceral reaction to it.

a visceral reaction would be more in line with taking it personal.

not just being 'personally affected by it'

here's an example.

say you have an aint-shit father.

he's always been aint-shit.

even before you were born.

he's even done some aint-shit things to you.

you're upset that it happened.

but do you take it personal? like 'fuck that nigga'

or 'my father, the dirtbag, i understand why he's that way, i don't take it personal'