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Topic subjecti wouldn't.
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12677509, i wouldn't.
Posted by Joe Corn Mo, Tue Dec-16-14 05:59 PM
>how would you have written it?

i see no reason for anybody to not feel they are personally affected by slavery.
because even though nobody alive today was ever a slave, and even though
nobody alive today owned slaves, everybody alive today has been personally affected by the EFFECTS of slavery.

and those effects are so pervasive that any question that questions
how personally we should take slavery implies
that maybe we shouldn't take the effects of slavery personally-- which sounds like
Fox News bullshit.

it would be like taking asking a question that asks if ppl should take
the hollocaust personally.

the hollocaust was so horrific (and so recent) that any question that
can lead to an answer where one is ambivalent to the hollocaust in any way
gets a major side eye.

what did you mean by the OP?