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Topic subjectRE: i'd like all humans to be better.
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12677345, RE: i'd like all humans to be better.
Posted by Brownsugar, Tue Dec-16-14 04:04 PM
>thus far, they are all irrevocably human.
>they fuck up at every turn, generally.
>in spite of any anger over slavey, black folks are
>just as lazy, stupid, short sighted, and awful as every other
>person on this
>god-forsaken planet.
>it's unfortunate, but true.

Yeah, we need to take slavery personal whether we do or not and drop the stupid slavery mentality. I just heard an awful, senseless killing in "Chiraq" yesterday...It is just amazing that you can correlate the Black slavery mentality with the new millennium slavery mentality...We need to stop!!!

♥ :* I LUV ALL A' Y'ALL!!! :7 !!! :* ♥