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Topic subjectI agree with ALL that you are saying here...
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12677265, I agree with ALL that you are saying here...
Posted by Brownsugar, Tue Dec-16-14 03:10 PM
and for years I have been placing slavery stuff on the back burner and trying to move forward as an African American person, but within the last few months, the past has seemed to come back and smack me in the face along with the recent massive protests and violence. I have been seeing more things concerning the slavery days here recently online and on tv and I cannot close my eyes to it, but right now, I have a little piece of mind because I feel in my mind that God will prevail as he has done in the past with the issue of slavery. At the rate that things are going, a lot of us might not be here to see the next Christmas season because we have a nation at war against itself and we never really know what might happen next.

I just need to ask someone here who might have an answer to this question???...Do you think that we might be on the cusp of the "Revolution that will not be televised"??? Things seem a little scary to me but God will prevail in this prejudice, ugly & evil man powered, money hungry society that we live in today.

>Slavery including its continual justification and caste
>system yes. It was never meant to end. And ironically is still
>in operation see the 13th amendment and the highest percentage
>of those in the criminal justice system.

***4-sure but we have to put it in God's hands :-) :-) :-) !!!

♥ :* I LUV ALL A' Y'ALL!!! :7 !!! :* ♥