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Topic subjectWhat's the song of the year
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12675046, What's the song of the year
Posted by Coco la chapelle, Sun Dec-14-14 03:58 AM
Im trying to catch up since I haven't been listening that much new music, what's your fav song of the year (or 3 or 5 fav if u prefer) ?
12675067, hmmm. my favorite video is never catch me by flying lotus
Posted by godleeluv, Sun Dec-14-14 08:18 AM
Feat Kendrick lamar.
♥♥Church Diva♥♥
12675246, Yeah I've watched this one on the alternative channel
Posted by Coco la chapelle, Sun Dec-14-14 07:14 PM
I love it too
12675085, Fancy by Iggy Australia
Posted by Musa, Sun Dec-14-14 09:48 AM
(note sarcasm)
12675108, Daze - Lips ('07 Skyline Mix)
Posted by grape, Sun Dec-14-14 11:33 AM
12675231, holy shit didn't expect to see that. great one
Posted by Madvillain 626, Sun Dec-14-14 06:16 PM
12675131, drunk in love
Posted by iKilan, Sun Dec-14-14 12:27 PM
12675155, none
Posted by howisya, Sun Dec-14-14 01:38 PM
anything that comes to mind is simply from repetition rather than merit so it feels unfair and untrue to list my favorites among them. i would have my own favorite based on merit, but i haven't spent much time listening to new music on my own this year. it took a few years, but i'm finally back to where i was in the '90s, a radio listener.
12675175, Big KRIT / Sautrdays = Celebration
Posted by bentagain, Sun Dec-14-14 02:21 PM
Only jawn that had me stuck for a minute


His Mt Olympus verse is my verse of the year too...


sheeiiitttt, pick one

Honorable mention

My Brightest Diamond - Lover Killer


12675177, LIFESTYLE
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Dec-14-14 02:23 PM
12675232, this and 2 On
Posted by Madvillain 626, Sun Dec-14-14 06:16 PM
12675179, Pharrell - Gust of Wind
Posted by hardware, Sun Dec-14-14 02:36 PM
KRIT - Mind Control
Gibbs - Uno
12675241, What was rather lacking
Posted by squeeg, Sun Dec-14-14 06:54 PM
Who was far more satisfying
12675242, fight night
Posted by osu_no_1, Sun Dec-14-14 06:54 PM
Voices in my head
Happy idiot
Wasted love
Kinda, sometimes, maybe
2 on
Blue hawaii

THE song of the year (not mine though) was fancy
12675263, RE: fight night
Posted by howisya, Sun Dec-14-14 08:38 PM
>THE song of the year (not mine though) was fancy

agreed. i think i've heard the full song all of once and still get the urge to sing charli xcx's chorus. she's come a long way from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl-dHrVlqW4 .
12675264, Fight night is just amazing
Posted by -DJ R-Tistic-, Sun Dec-14-14 08:42 PM
12675258, moodymann desire
Posted by RamXL, Sun Dec-14-14 08:07 PM