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Topic subjectDamn. I'm quite slammable.
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12674758, Damn. I'm quite slammable.
Posted by Madvillain 626, Sat Dec-13-14 12:01 PM
So I checked my email and saw one of them paid surveys, so I did the little questionnaire to see if I qualify.

Asked my weight so I weighed myself real quick...wtf...I'm 157 pounds!

6' 2''. 157 pounds. Damn, I coulda swore I was around 180. I barely got 20 pounds on the types of women I like to pursue.

Some details: I smoke/vape a lot of weed. Got anxiety so maybe that burns calories. Also don't have a car so I walk more than the average person.

But yeah, I need to gain some weight. I'm 25, it's bout time I had a grown man physique.

Need some tips from the brolic OKPs:

what are some protein heavy foods I can consume? Do I need more steak, burgers and bacon in my life?

I run about 2 miles at least 3 times a week? Too much for my skinny ass?

Goin back to the gym soon. What else can a breh do to get bigger?