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Topic subjecti used anecdotal evidence and i read the song lyrics.
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12671902, i used anecdotal evidence and i read the song lyrics.
Posted by Joe Corn Mo, Wed Dec-10-14 07:06 PM
>>father figure is about a woman with daddy issues.

yes. ppl have been cruel to the object of his affection in their past,
and he wants that person to view him as the good father figure they never had.

i ain't never heard of gay dudes talk to men that way.
but plenty of dudes that get laid in the regular have spoken on it.
"women w/ daddy issues" is something straight men become aware of
as soon as they start getting trim on the regular.

>>i want your sex is about being in the "friend zone."

i have never in my life heard of a gay man complaining that
a dude he liked wasn't giving up the drawls because he was in the "friend zone."

gay dudes cite lots of reasons for not getting laid.
that's not one of them. that's something that straight dudes say, in my experience.

>>they speak more to issues pertaining to dealing with women,
>>not men.

>>"faith" could be about either gender.

it's about being afraid to put your heart out there to get stepped on.
that's universal.

>>"freedom 90" might be about being gay but i dunno-- it's
>>probably about fame.

some of the lyrics sound like they are about wanting to come out as gay,
but taken as a whole, the lyrics are about dealing with the public and the label
and wanting to get away from his Wham! image.

>>his 90s hits were about being gay (fastlove, outside, etc).

do straight dudes typically let women blow them in their car
because they just needed to take their mind off of heartbreak?

is it that easy for straight men to find quick sex?
or is that more like a cruising experience that only gay men experience?

i am speaking anecdotally.

I don't know.

but these are reasonable interpretations of these lyrics.
i didn't talk to George Michael, but I can listen good
and that's my interpretation of the lyrics.

why do you disagree?