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Topic subjectthe visual bias of our language makes him go "LOOKING for a pure love."
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12671231, the visual bias of our language makes him go "LOOKING for a pure love."
Posted by Joe Corn Mo, Wed Dec-10-14 10:26 AM
his tendency for cliches makes him call that love "the apple of his eye."
he knows that leaves "turn to brown when autum comes around" because he was told it was so and had no choice but to believe it was so.

Stevie's blindness makes him hyper-aware of the leaps of faith most of us
take without thinking about it.

that's what gives him mystical innervisions even though he has no sight.

then add on the fact that stevie believes he is the peer of anybody that can read this,
and he has an oddball sense of humor, and bam.

stevie sings about about moments of reflection by looking in the mirror.

^ i can't take credit for that. it's shamelessly plagiarized from Robert Christgau.

>He writes about looking in mirrors.
>Lyrics overall way too visual for a dude that can't see beyond
>formless shapes
>I'm glad for songwriters not keeping it too real.
>Would've been a waste of their creative talents.