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Topic subjectCan we name all the times Luther ever said "girl" in a song?
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12670529, Can we name all the times Luther ever said "girl" in a song?
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Tue Dec-09-14 02:30 PM
I always talk about how Luther simply sang about love in a universal way, because I
could recall very few times (if any) that he said "girl".
I was listening to "Give Me The Reason" today tho, and he says "To Love You, Girl" over and over
at the end of the song.
Part of me thinks that's because he's basically saying "I ain't fuckin wit'chu no more" in
his classy Lutherized way.
Of course the elephant in the room is that there were the rumors that he was gay...
not that that matters concerning his genius, but it would add a tiny amount of merit to
the previous speculation.
ANYWAY! What examples do yall have? Can you think of any off-top?