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Topic subjectmixed feelings.
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12671702, mixed feelings.
Posted by jane eyre, Wed Dec-10-14 03:23 PM
I especially think Tavis is right to critique Obama. Tavis is SPOT ON.

If the leader of the Free World can't do more to begin addressing the policy and systemic issues at the center of this mess, it's because he doesn't want to. And maybe worse because he doesn't get it.

What Tavis said about Obama stepping into the moment? So true. And at this point, the question about Obama stepping into the moment is a rhetorical one. I don't expect ANYTHING from Obama when it comes to respecting the Black community as a legitimate political force that he must answer to because they put him in office. Of course, he doesn't have to. But I think his failure to do so indicates a lack of vision, imagination, and character.

Lol. Yes, Barry. Come to BET to "talk" to us. To say...what? Obama literally said NOTHING in that condescending interview that demonstrated any nuanced understanding of the Black community as citizenry or political community with agency and power. Quickly, it dawned on me: oh duh, girl, Barry's just running another errand for White America-- and yet again, he hasn't figured out that he doesn't have to.

Justice, Barry.

Mixed feelings part for me?

Tired of seeing Black commentators and pundits on TV explaining, justifying, and performing. For who? And for what?

If Tavis has time to answer dumb questions from Don Lemon et al, so be it. But at some point, these media moments must be called an insult to our intelligence and a waste of time. The media coverage of Garner and Brown are tragically stupid and the mouthpiece of forces that, let us be clear, exploit and denigrate people of color to maintain and profit from the status quo of systemic, racialized, injustice.