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Topic subjectHow do we feel about Tavis talking about it? CNN/FOX
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12670231, How do we feel about Tavis talking about it? CNN/FOX
Posted by 13Rose, Tue Dec-09-14 11:52 AM
I was watching CNN and saw wack ass Don Lemon interviewing Tavis Smiley. I try not to wish ill on people but why couldn't that brick that caught that female CNN reporter in the head hit him instead?

Well here's his appearance on CNN. He put Don in his place I think.

And here's Tavis on Sean Hannity shouting and getting cut off like Sean does.

Talk about it.
12670273, RE: How do we feel about Tavis talking about it? CNN/FOX
Posted by murph71, Tue Dec-09-14 12:10 PM

Hannity is a bitch.....
12670314, Yeah and reportedly off camera he's a cool dude
Posted by 13Rose, Tue Dec-09-14 12:32 PM
12670306, Hannity is a clown for continuing to ask that question.
Posted by daryloneal, Tue Dec-09-14 12:27 PM
He's transparent.

And Don Lemon was being very condescending. He's going to lose his job at some point.

With all that said, I'm not the biggest Tavis Smiley fan, so I tend to avoid these debates.
12670348, Don Lemon is going to get punched in the mouth one day
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Dec-09-14 12:51 PM
12670359, The fact that him and others like him keep bringing up cigarettes...
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Tue Dec-09-14 01:01 PM
in the Garner case is despicable.

Rand Paul was talking the other day saying something like "The bigger issue here is the tax imposed blah blah blah"
12670361, yea, it's mad obvious and disrespectful
Posted by MiracleRic, Tue Dec-09-14 01:03 PM
that they want to make this about fucking taxes and small govt buzzwords and shit

like they can't even see the humans beyond the agenda at all

that's some disheartening shit
12671785, Rand is saying the same thing Dick Gregory says though
Posted by Atillah Moor, Wed Dec-10-14 04:40 PM
That being-- if you want folks to stop behaving like crabs in a barrel then you should turn down the temperature of the water. Rand just said it with less metaphor and compassion, but it's the same message.
12670310, Tavis irks me about Obama
Posted by MiracleRic, Tue Dec-09-14 12:29 PM
Lemon irks me about mostly everything else...

there was so little of consequence said in that interview

they both got mad childish at one point lol

12670318, It did get to be some childish shit at one point.
Posted by 13Rose, Tue Dec-09-14 12:34 PM
I feel Tavis on saying we shouldn't let up on the pressure for something to be done about this police brutality. I watched the BET interview and to me it didn't seem like a lecture to me.
12670330, nobody is beyond scrutiny
Posted by MiracleRic, Tue Dec-09-14 12:41 PM
but he treats Obama like dude is a failed messiah

Tavis looked terrible in both those interviews

he's not convincing and he rarely seems to scratch the surface...

i dont blame him...bc it's hard to get folks to see some of the obvious shit sometimes...which is why in these debates you stick to the most tangible shit for your arguments...

he doesn't do that at all

and he's mad at Obama for not failing the same way he fails lol
12670319, I saw the CNN appearance, and I have been waiting for someone to call
Posted by bentagain, Tue Dec-09-14 12:35 PM
out the POTUS

I've said in other posts

the riots after the no bill in Ferguson didn't need to happen

at all

Barry O coulda grabbed the mic after McCulloch made his little anouncement

and said we got this

special prosectuor

federal charges


drops mic

but he didn't

he gave us a F'N lecture

and Tavis was right on

wash rinse repeat in the Garner case

people are F'N hurting, afraid, etc...

and what does the POTUS have for us


these review boards, DOJ oversight, etc...

not only won't do shit

but they've been not doing shit

the DOJ has been investigating the CLE PD since 2002

WTF are they even doing?

Tavis called it straight, while Don kept pandering
12670362, A lot of talking loud and sayin nothing
Posted by Deacon Blues, Tue Dec-09-14 01:03 PM

I agree Obama should show more leadership but unfortunately
Nothing will be done, either obama's heart isn't in pushing for change on this or he realizes that he can't , they all are just waiting and hoping this will blow over

The majority of white people will usually support the cops over black victims, especially if there is evidence of criminality or resisting arrest

Particularly as long as they perceive that there is a lot of violence in black neighborhoods

12670506, The bar is so high for a federal indictment it's often an empty "threat"
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Tue Dec-09-14 02:21 PM
They'd have to prove that either officer *intended* to deprive the two victims of their civil rights. That would be extremely hard to prove in Ferguson since it seems that was a chance encounter that turned very bad... there might be a chance in NYC since Garner was known in the area for selling loosies and may have been known by the officers involved. Intent still has to be proven, though, so they'd need evidence like statement from the officers that they planned to beat Garner's ass.

Anyway, my point is I think Obama was muted because there wasn't much he could do unilaterally. The Justice Department might have better luck just investigating the departments but that comes with alot of political baggage.
12670534, They can assign a special prosecutor, this isn't double jeopardy
Posted by bentagain, Tue Dec-09-14 02:33 PM
I think alot of people are equating these grand juries with trials

which they aren't

bottom line

the POTUS can basically do whatever the fok he wants

as we've seen with immigration, ISIS, Obamacare, etc...

they are choosing to do nothing.

Laurence O'Donnell point blank pointed out that McCulloch's office presented an outdated statute to define justified lethal force

the statute that allowed for lethal force if a suspect is fleeing

was struck down by the Supreme Court

i.e., the DA's office presented false evidence to the grand jury

which should be enough to assign an outside prosecutor IMO
12670577, RE: They can assign a special prosecutor, this isn't double jeopardy
Posted by Deacon Blues, Tue Dec-09-14 03:03 PM

True, interesting good points, is there a precedent for it

I'm sure they would impeach him if he tried though

12671898, how can the president assign a special pros to seek an indictment
Posted by SoWhat, Wed Dec-10-14 06:52 PM
under Missouri state law?

which federal or state statutes allow for that?

or are you saying Obama should appoint a prosecutor to investigate McCullough for wrongdoing in his handling of the Wilson grand jury?

if so, what statute gives him authority to do so?

or is that authority vested in the Missouri governor or legislature?
12671922, the federal government can assign a special pros
Posted by bentagain, Wed Dec-10-14 07:48 PM
last I checked, the POTUS was the head of the Federal Government

as I understand these no bills = these officers were never even charged with a crime

and also, a prosectuor doesn't need to seek an indictment

they can indict based on the evidence presented

so every option that was on the table to begin with, is still available

as far as what statute gives him the authority, etc...

I would first refer back to my point that the POTUS can do pretty much whatever the fuck he wants to, as we've seen time and time again

more relevant to this post, is what I think Tavis was getting at

damn a statute

damn a precedent


in both the Garner and Brown cases, it should be more than evident that this system is either

a)broken, or
b)working exactly the way it was designed to work

either way, doing nothing is not an option

which so far, other than a couple of lectures, is all we've gotten

if you're saying he can't do anything, say that then.

12671930, Obama can't do much of anything to get Wilson.
Posted by SoWhat, Wed Dec-10-14 08:02 PM
I'm unaware of any federal statute that gives the president the authority to interfere in a criminal prosecution under state law. He has directed DOJ to investigate the matter for violations of the Civil Rights Act - that's federal law. We'll see where that goes. But that's all the fedz can do to prosecute Wilson as far as I know. If you'd heard different I was curious.
12670542, well put.
Posted by kinetic94761180, Tue Dec-09-14 02:39 PM
12670327, It's a shame to see what Tavis has fallen down to.
Posted by Airbreed, Tue Dec-09-14 12:40 PM
He used to be someone who I used to find compelling, intelligent and thoughtful. Now, he's succumbed to a bitter, self absorbed, angry man. I feel sorry for him.
12671890, ^^^^^
Posted by EAS, Wed Dec-10-14 06:39 PM
Yes!!! That is so true.
12672015, I miss those yearly state of the black union cspan events
Posted by rdhull, Wed Dec-10-14 11:18 PM
>He used to be someone who I used to find compelling,
>intelligent and thoughtful. Now, he's succumbed to a bitter,
>self absorbed, angry man. I feel sorry for him.
12672016, He was really a top shelf journalist and independent at that.....
Posted by Castro, Wed Dec-10-14 11:20 PM
12670328, we still hate him for not dickriding obama.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Tue Dec-09-14 12:40 PM
12670331, nah, im down for good scrutiny of obama
Posted by MiracleRic, Tue Dec-09-14 12:42 PM
but he takes it to a level beyond
12672050, I agree
Posted by ZooTown74, Thu Dec-11-14 03:39 AM
it's like it's all personal with him and Dr. West, and that's sad

Nothing wrong with criticizing the President, but these dudes carry on like they did 't get invited to a special dinner back in 2008 and have been bitter about it ever since...
Niggas made aliases.
12670372, Tavis gave Don exactly what he was looking for when he booked
Posted by Government Name, Tue Dec-09-14 01:10 PM
him as guest.

Don let Tavis get his agenda off
then Don fake feigned ignorance.
then they debated like kids for 2 minutes.
then it goes viral.

i wont say these moments are staged, but both parties knew exactly what they were doing here
12670411, Damn
Posted by 13Rose, Tue Dec-09-14 01:31 PM
Now that you mention it, you're right. No way Don could have talked to Tavis like that without expecting this kind of attention. SMH
12670378, For the record I like Tavis for the most part
Posted by 13Rose, Tue Dec-09-14 01:13 PM
I was way more annoyed with Don Lemon than Tavis' critique of the President. He doesn't seem self absorbed to me in the clip. Other times perhaps but not here.

Oh and I love that he said "don't try and jump bad with me". That's some old Jive Turkey type slang right there.
12670533, him & cornell been right from the door
Posted by Binlahab, Tue Dec-09-14 02:32 PM
& i wont let you bammas forget it

does it really matter?

for all my fans who keep my name in their mouth: http://i.imgur.com/v2xNOpS.jpg
12670544, RE: him & cornell been right from the door
Posted by kinetic94761180, Tue Dec-09-14 02:39 PM
12671925, absolutely, i love both
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Wed Dec-10-14 07:53 PM
if we didn't have them, i mean...wtf.
12670562, People need to stop engaging Don Lemon
Posted by Sarah_Bellum, Tue Dec-09-14 02:51 PM
All people. As badly as people wanna be on CNN, anyone with any common sense should decline interviews with him.
12670570, I'm using people's stances as a filter
Posted by bentagain, Tue Dec-09-14 02:58 PM
it would be great if others did too

i.e., decline an invite to appear on Hannity because he doesn't think a man choked to death was ever put in a chokehold

12671533, up
Posted by astralblak, Wed Dec-10-14 01:46 PM
12671572, Why is Don so smug now? and Tavis looking foolish here.
Posted by astralblak, Wed Dec-10-14 02:05 PM
and I been riding with him and Cornell with their critiques of Obie for the past 6 yrs

i wouldn't be surprised if Tavis chin checked that dude next time he saw him
12671595, "LET ME EDUCATE YOU"
Posted by astralblak, Wed Dec-10-14 02:17 PM

good grief...

it started off alright, and then went off the rails

and lol at Hannity cherry picking those "eye witness" testimonies

and who the fuck has said that dude is "cool" off camera/
12671658, Why is Tavis trying to scold POTUS. What qualifies him to judge?
Posted by Case_One, Wed Dec-10-14 02:54 PM
Who is he? I think he's jealous that POTUS didn't come on his show.

Tavis is so jaded. He's acting like a dumped S.O.

"America, stop turning our Court Houses of Justice into Dens for Justified Murderers."
12671670, what qualifies you to judge
Posted by astralblak, Wed Dec-10-14 03:02 PM
the idea that you see something unjust, or in your case (PUN!), immoral, and you voice an opinion/idea on the matter

right or wrong
12671678, Tavis has been hating on Obama since he felt snubbed
Posted by Case_One, Wed Dec-10-14 03:10 PM

"America, stop turning our Court Houses of Justice into Dens for Justified Murderers."
12671744, RE: Obama deserves critique in many areas
Posted by astralblak, Wed Dec-10-14 04:00 PM
and Tavis and Dr. West have been doing a lot of the heavy lifting publicly

here, in this interview, i agree he's coming off a bit salty/ridiculous

but Don was just as turrbl
12671838, He's a US citizen, dummy. That's what qualifies him.
Posted by bignick, Wed Dec-10-14 05:26 PM
12671845, If you were my intellectual equal, I'd consider your remark amusing.
Posted by Case_One, Wed Dec-10-14 05:34 PM
But alas, your mental EBT card is out of funds.

Have a great day.

"America, stop turning our Court Houses of Justice into Dens for Justified Murderers."
12671862, Said the guy asking elementary school civics questions.
Posted by bignick, Wed Dec-10-14 05:54 PM
"Why does the demagogue Tavis have the temerity to question Uncle Barack?"

Shut up.
12671960, Said the guy who doesn't understand the elementary school civics questions.
Posted by Case_One, Wed Dec-10-14 09:01 PM
>"Why does the demagogue Tavis have the temerity to question
>Uncle Barack?"
>Shut up.

"America, stop turning our Court Houses of Justice into Dens for Justified Murderers."
12671702, mixed feelings.
Posted by jane eyre, Wed Dec-10-14 03:23 PM
I especially think Tavis is right to critique Obama. Tavis is SPOT ON.

If the leader of the Free World can't do more to begin addressing the policy and systemic issues at the center of this mess, it's because he doesn't want to. And maybe worse because he doesn't get it.

What Tavis said about Obama stepping into the moment? So true. And at this point, the question about Obama stepping into the moment is a rhetorical one. I don't expect ANYTHING from Obama when it comes to respecting the Black community as a legitimate political force that he must answer to because they put him in office. Of course, he doesn't have to. But I think his failure to do so indicates a lack of vision, imagination, and character.

Lol. Yes, Barry. Come to BET to "talk" to us. To say...what? Obama literally said NOTHING in that condescending interview that demonstrated any nuanced understanding of the Black community as citizenry or political community with agency and power. Quickly, it dawned on me: oh duh, girl, Barry's just running another errand for White America-- and yet again, he hasn't figured out that he doesn't have to.

Justice, Barry.

Mixed feelings part for me?

Tired of seeing Black commentators and pundits on TV explaining, justifying, and performing. For who? And for what?

If Tavis has time to answer dumb questions from Don Lemon et al, so be it. But at some point, these media moments must be called an insult to our intelligence and a waste of time. The media coverage of Garner and Brown are tragically stupid and the mouthpiece of forces that, let us be clear, exploit and denigrate people of color to maintain and profit from the status quo of systemic, racialized, injustice.

12671791, Tavis was awesome and his critique on Obama is sound
Posted by afrogirl_lost, Wed Dec-10-14 04:47 PM
Lemon is playing to white folks and old black folks obsessed with Obama as a symbol.
12671836, All this Tavis hero love is too funny.
Posted by Case_One, Wed Dec-10-14 05:23 PM
And I like Tavis. But let's not pretend that he's not jaded. He's hiding behind the notion that "I'm pushing the president to greatness" BS.

He's ain't had one good thing to say about Obama every since he wasn't invited to the White House. And for Tavis to backhand BET (which I hate) is just as childish. If Obama had come to his show it would still be on the same level of notice.

Cry Baby.

"America, stop turning our Court Houses of Justice into Dens for Justified Murderers."
12671867, Why does Tavis need to say something good about Obama?
Posted by afrogirl_lost, Wed Dec-10-14 06:03 PM
What is there good to say?
12671850, i hate when people upload shit in mono
Posted by hardware, Wed Dec-10-14 05:37 PM
12671894, i love that i heard 'jump bad' on CNN.
Posted by SoWhat, Wed Dec-10-14 06:48 PM
anyway, i'm w/Tavis on this one.
12671896, imo Don actually looked more erasonable here
Posted by woe.is.me., Wed Dec-10-14 06:51 PM
lol though.
12671899, i normally think Tavis is doing too much w/his anti-Obama stances
Posted by SoWhat, Wed Dec-10-14 06:53 PM
but here i think he's right on.

why do you think Don was more reasonable?
12671908, I think his general point is fine
Posted by woe.is.me., Wed Dec-10-14 07:18 PM
that Obama should address race head on.
I'm also of the mindset that with 2 years left on his clock, he might as well let it all hang out.

but imo Tavis was being nitpicky and could have been more eloquent about what he was trying to say.
imo, its silly to be mad at obama for being jokey on colbert (a joke show) and more stern on BET (an interview I won't bother to watch so i can't fully assess it).

Don seemed reasonable because he noted that as president, it is difficult for Obama to wild out as much as black people would like. That's not to say that he can't or that he shouldn't, but Don at least acknowledged the delicacy of the political climate.

the argument seemed very petty and unprofessional on Tavis' part, imo.
Don may have been smug, but i dont think he was necessarily wrong.
12671910, okay
Posted by SoWhat, Wed Dec-10-14 07:19 PM
12672100, Those were painful to watch...why go on a show that won't let you talk?
Posted by gumz, Thu Dec-11-14 08:46 AM
all that bickering and nothing gets heard. The way Tavis talks he needs more breathing room to get his point across cause he always comes in with mad talking points. He won't answer the question directly without breaking it all the way down but neither of these guys were allowing for that. Might as well not even be on there.