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Topic subjectLeBron hits jumper and farts in Jayz's mouf *link*
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12669940, LeBron hits jumper and farts in Jayz's mouf *link*
Posted by SeV, Mon Dec-08-14 10:52 PM

I made the fart part up

but it makes it funnier if u picture it really happening

but im banned tho.

Dallas Cavericks LETS GO!!
12669968, haha
Posted by astralblak, Tue Dec-09-14 01:39 AM
12669989, "Blast shooter, then pass pooter to Ta Ta"
Posted by Mr. ManC, Tue Dec-09-14 06:32 AM
Let that bitch breathe! (c)

12670286, hahaha
Posted by KiloMcG, Tue Dec-09-14 12:16 PM
12670367, HA
Posted by 13Rose, Tue Dec-09-14 01:06 PM
I indeed had a laugh.