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Posted by John Forte, Mon Dec-08-14 05:16 PM

PITTSBURGH — Port Authority police have one suspect in custody stemming from a reported machete attack at a downtown bus stop, spokesman Jim Ritchie told Channel 11 News.
According to several witnesses, the attack occurred around 12:30 p.m. near the Wood Street T station on Liberty Avenue.
Witnesses told Channel 11 News that a man wearing a long coat, who was later identified by a Port Authority spokesperson as 26-year-old Jason Butler, walked up to a man and woman and pulled out a machete.
The witnesses said the man was hit in the head and hands.
“There was a puddle of blood on the ground. It was bad. It was shocking,” said Danielle Sheller, who was leaving a nearby 7-Eleven when she saw police and people running from the scene.
The woman tried to intervene and Butler took off with the machete.
The man who was injured was taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
Bob Morris, who works at the Broadway Army/Navy store on Liberty Avenue, said he was at the store when the suspect walked in and asked to buy the military-style machete.“He was very nice, very pleasant. Did he say why he wanted it? Did I ask? No,” said Morris.
According to a Port Authority spokesperson, Butler was upset about a failed relationship with his ex-girlfriend, and when he saw her at the bus stop with another man, he became enraged and went on the attack.