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Topic subjectThe Ether Card (Battle Rap Event)
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12669071, The Ether Card (Battle Rap Event)
Posted by Kira, Sun Dec-07-14 09:48 PM
It went down last night and had the main event happen earlier today.

There were 10 battles:

Cassidy Vs Dizaster (Main Event)
Serius Jones vs Daylyt
Conceited vs. Bigg K
The Saurus vs. Arsonal
Heartless vs. Danny Myers
Illmaculate vs. Real Deal
Big T vs. Aktive
Bonnie Godiva vs. Official (Postponed due to Bonnie's legal issues...)
Cali Smoov vs. Caustic
Rum Nitty vs. Billy Boondocks

This event had streaming and audio issues. However, it was very professional until the main event battle. They couldn't clear the stage in time for the final battle to conclude. It concluded earlier today.

Who do y'all think won these battles?
12669078, Allegedly Cassidy 3-0'd (some say 2-1'd) Dizaster..
Posted by Kira, Sun Dec-07-14 10:15 PM

This was the second time in recent history where a battle event did not finish.

Basically, they couldn't get the battle off last night and had a rematch a few hours ago.

Proof of alleged victory:




If this true Diz is gettling clowned FOREVER. You can't lose to a dude with one recorded battle on camera years ago.

12669101, worst battle event of all time
Posted by atruhead, Sun Dec-07-14 11:18 PM
I hate Lush One, them showing the wrong clip before a battle was indicative of the whole night

but Serius Jones vs. Daylyt was great and I dont get why Arsonal was so disrespectful with the "suck my dick, cracker" talk at the end of each round
12669109, He was playing the race angle... AGAINST THE WRONG DUDE
Posted by Kira, Sun Dec-07-14 11:45 PM
Ars got bodied something fierce as a result of using the Mike Brown/Trayvon angle. Every rapper loses any time they bring up the race angle. Shotgun Suge lost to Charron over the same thing: