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Topic subject Ebola sure snuck out the backdoor unnoticed(by some).
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12668854, Ebola sure snuck out the backdoor unnoticed(by some).
Posted by GrumpySmurf, Sun Dec-07-14 08:37 AM
They're good at what they do, that's one thing I can say about the media outlets.
12668857, that's not all the media though. the audience is responsible for it too...
Posted by BigJazz, Sun Dec-07-14 08:54 AM

I'm tryna be better off, not better than...
12668858, They have to scare people to get them to tune in
Posted by Deacon Blues, Sun Dec-07-14 08:55 AM

Or sensationalize
12668859, new case reported in Nigeria. US is calm = crises over
Posted by Riot, Sun Dec-07-14 08:57 AM
12668910, isnt it?
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sun Dec-07-14 11:10 AM
12668912, Got a link about the new case reported in Nigeria?
Posted by dafriquan, Sun Dec-07-14 11:21 AM
A quick search on twitter yielded nothing.
12668940, "This is Africa" fb page. BUT- turns out 2be a Nigerian in Liberia
Posted by Riot, Sun Dec-07-14 12:53 PM
A UN aid soldier

So my bad for only reading the headline
and their bad for the smokescreen/clickbait

BOLD PRINT main headline --->>>

Nigerian soldier tests positive for Ebola
December 7, 2014 — In October, Nigeria was certified free of the Ebola virus disease by the World Health Organisation, but on Wednesday, for the first time in almost three months, another Nigerian tested positive for the virus

--clickbait small print below the fold section-->>

The man – a soldier – is however not resident in Nigeria, but part of the United Nations’ peace mission in Liberia, the country which has been worst hit.

And the author is getting trashed in the comments for being misleading
12668994, Thanks for the clarification
Posted by dafriquan, Sun Dec-07-14 03:53 PM
It struck me as odd that such news would not make headlines in the Nigerian press.
12668870, It's like they can turn people's attention off an on like....a TV channel
Posted by Binlahab, Sun Dec-07-14 09:38 AM
It's...weird and scary

does it really matter?

for all my fans who keep my name in their mouth: http://i.imgur.com/v2xNOpS.jpg
12668884, Exactly
Posted by GrumpySmurf, Sun Dec-07-14 10:18 AM
12668891, Ebola went out after the midterm elections.
Posted by Mr. ManC, Sun Dec-07-14 10:30 AM
12668901, They gave it a nice little send off
Posted by Atillah Moor, Sun Dec-07-14 10:46 AM
I remember the last story I saw being a kind of "where are they" thing. Had the Asian lady form Texas and a few others all lined up and smiling and shit.
12668905, its because you fickle American infidels have A.D.D.
Posted by Fructose Soda, Sun Dec-07-14 10:58 AM
Glad I wasn't in a coma from October to December.
"The zombie virus is coming. We're all gonna die!"
"Black men are all gonna die"
"Bill Cosby raped me too!"
12668909, thats what happens when no one in America has the disease
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sun Dec-07-14 11:10 AM
Is it actually still a story?
12668933, Its gold in them thar hills
Posted by DaHeathenOne76, Sun Dec-07-14 12:14 PM
Had to get the illegal miners aka indigenous folks who mined for a living without corporate "licensing".

Hummingbird Industries doesnt seem to be worried about Ebola one bit


12669047, nothing more than a distraction
Posted by DeepAztheRoot, Sun Dec-07-14 08:17 PM
from something else
12669086, here's a good website tracking # of cases to date
Posted by akon, Sun Dec-07-14 10:33 PM

the main concern currently is sierra leone, and guinnea where cases are still rising-
and there are not enough isolation beds or resources
liberia - the situation is a bit more under control

who estimates that they can get the epidemic under control if they can get 70% of new cases in isolation
and safe burial of 70% of all deaths (the period immediately after death is the most contagious)
burial practices in w.africa exacerbate the spread of the disease

its far from over... only the news cycle is over in america