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Topic subjectpraise jeezus...cyrenyoung has FINALLY lifted my ban....*realtears*
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12668740, praise jeezus...cyrenyoung has FINALLY lifted my ban....*realtears*
Posted by R A i n, Sat Dec-06-14 08:15 PM
12668744, Never knew you were banned.
Posted by The Wordsmith, Sat Dec-06-14 08:24 PM
I figured you were of the great migration of 2012 to Twitter Land.

Since 1976
12668748, i suck at twitter...well i take that back...
Posted by R A i n, Sat Dec-06-14 08:28 PM
i suck at day to day convo interactions...i'm GREAT at promotions, marketing and hashtags for music artists, brands and just anyone who wants to get noticed by people outside of their circle.
12668751, you were banned?
Posted by rdhull, Sat Dec-06-14 08:39 PM
12674984, YES!
Posted by R A i n, Sat Dec-13-14 07:57 PM
12668752, banned for what?
Posted by Heinz, Sat Dec-06-14 08:50 PM


TWITTER : Heinz21st

IG : H_N_Z
12674985, RE: TURN DOWN for what?
Posted by R A i n, Sat Dec-13-14 07:57 PM
12678017, :)~
Posted by Scrapluv, Wed Dec-17-14 10:32 AM
12668851, this post needs a theme song:
Posted by BigJazz, Sun Dec-07-14 08:31 AM

I'm tryna be better off, not better than...
12674986, lol :-(
Posted by R A i n, Sat Dec-13-14 07:57 PM
12668871, hey!
Posted by Bruce Belafonte, Sun Dec-07-14 09:38 AM
12678042, NAW NIGGA
Posted by Geah, Wed Dec-17-14 10:42 AM
12674938, it's okay i got a personal apology from okp dan, cyrese and ####'s dad
Posted by R A i n, Sat Dec-13-14 06:41 PM
who is the person actually funding this site...YES, you heard it here first.... ####'s daddy is actually 15.

but, true life, i wasn't banned...lmao...i just like to mess with cyrese....but, i couldn't logback in for a while. i had cleared my pink cookies on my comp and after that i went to the cess pool that is HERE and was prompted to sign in...i requested a new password and *tumbleweeds*....i tried again the next day...same....rinse..rewind...CLEARLY I WAS BANNED!!!!

i tried again on some nostalgia the other day and BAM...got my new password.
12674943, lol i was about to say damn what did you do??
Posted by SHAstayhighalways, Sat Dec-13-14 06:54 PM
12674995, Welcome back RAin
Posted by Starks dunked on Bulls, Sat Dec-13-14 08:22 PM
12677647, :-D...and i always read your name as 'starks dunked on balls'.
Posted by R A i n, Tue Dec-16-14 09:31 PM
12675001, Welcome back!
Posted by J305, Sat Dec-13-14 09:00 PM
12675026, lol.
Posted by R A i n, Sat Dec-13-14 11:51 PM
12675002, Brown lives matter
Posted by Teknontheou, Sat Dec-13-14 09:03 PM
12677664, doo doo brown....all day.
Posted by R A i n, Tue Dec-16-14 10:02 PM
12675102, okp was in a drought. we needed you back. *hugs*.
Posted by poetx, Sun Dec-14-14 11:11 AM

peace & blessings,



I'm an advocate for working smarter, not harder. If you just
focus on working hard you end up making someone else rich and
not having much to show for it. (c) mad
12677633, haha.
Posted by R A i n, Tue Dec-16-14 09:05 PM
12675195, Dwarf solidarity.
Posted by ihsanamin., Sun Dec-14-14 04:21 PM
12675203, ^^off the wagon^^
Posted by CyrenYoung, Sun Dec-14-14 04:44 PM
..back on the sauce.

this is what happens when you hang out too much wit' desus da gawd.

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
12675737, shewashavintoomuchfun!
Posted by BabySoulRebel, Mon Dec-15-14 12:07 PM
12677631, Mero funnier.
Posted by R A i n, Tue Dec-16-14 09:03 PM
12678039, LMAO, you done with Desus now?!?!
Posted by StephBMore, Wed Dec-17-14 10:41 AM
I can't believe you!
12678997, sike! i'm not trying to lose my job as the cranberita runner...
Posted by R A i n, Wed Dec-17-14 07:56 PM
but, i laugh hysterically to myself every other day thinking 'give me the phone!'
12677666, Word? Cheers.
Posted by jetblack, Tue Dec-16-14 10:03 PM
12678052, ...he make you put out?
Posted by Mongo, Wed Dec-17-14 10:48 AM
12679004, that's like incest...
Posted by R A i n, Wed Dec-17-14 07:59 PM