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Topic subjectDo ppl make assumptions about you based off of how wear your hair?
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12668717, Do ppl make assumptions about you based off of how wear your hair?
Posted by SimplyHannah, Sat Dec-06-14 05:01 PM
If so, what? Do people approach you more or do you get more compliments when you wear your hair one way versus the other? Of course there are stigmas attached to certain styles like if you wear weaves of course you're a self hating, bald queen and if you wear your hair natural you're a self righteous shea butter queen that should consider combing them naps! If you wear your hair short, you MUST have been a damaged haired queen that can't grow any! I feel like the only "safe" ridicule free hair is straightened natural hair, which of course is gonna get heat damage if you're constantly having to straighten it.

Anyway it's all equally annoying, but what's most annoying is when it comes from family members. My parents always have something negative to say about my hair unless I'm wearing it an afro or nappy bun, and it's annoying and uncalled for especially since no one asked you. Unsolicited opinions about hair irk the living shit out of me. I'm sure we've all gotten some variation of the " you would look so much better with____!" Lol like bitch who asked you? Goes for men to y'all gotta chill. Every chick isn't gonna rock the hair style that you prefer and there is no need to shame them for it.

Anyway share your hair woes and stories here lol.