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Topic subjectFound out a co-worker killed 2 people in a DUI manslaughter
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12667257, Found out a co-worker killed 2 people in a DUI manslaughter
Posted by j., Thu Dec-04-14 02:39 PM
not gonna post personal info but it was on the news when it happened
i.e it's not hearsay

How I found out was someone in the office noticed that co-worker wears an ankle monitor, and this someone was like WTF? so instead of directly asking and potentially creating an uncomfortable situation, googles co-workers name and finds articles, crash scene photos, mugshot, the whole enchilada

Then I'm told and I'm like "I could've lived without that info" Now I can't help but look at co-worker sideways. I asked who else knows? and apparently our in-house investigative reporter has only told one other person.

Obviously management knows. According to the news articles the victims' families got a civil lawsuit settlement and the criminal case is still pending.

Then of course I have to confront my own hypocrisy cuz back in the day I too, drove drunk. Thankfully I didn't hurt anyone. Why did I drive drunk? I was young and stupid.

Clearly co-worker didn't mean to kill anyone. But in a flash my perception went from "smart, does job well, cool peeps" to "ehhhh..."