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Topic subjectFound out a co-worker killed 2 people in a DUI manslaughter
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12667257, Found out a co-worker killed 2 people in a DUI manslaughter
Posted by j., Thu Dec-04-14 02:39 PM
not gonna post personal info but it was on the news when it happened
i.e it's not hearsay

How I found out was someone in the office noticed that co-worker wears an ankle monitor, and this someone was like WTF? so instead of directly asking and potentially creating an uncomfortable situation, googles co-workers name and finds articles, crash scene photos, mugshot, the whole enchilada

Then I'm told and I'm like "I could've lived without that info" Now I can't help but look at co-worker sideways. I asked who else knows? and apparently our in-house investigative reporter has only told one other person.

Obviously management knows. According to the news articles the victims' families got a civil lawsuit settlement and the criminal case is still pending.

Then of course I have to confront my own hypocrisy cuz back in the day I too, drove drunk. Thankfully I didn't hurt anyone. Why did I drive drunk? I was young and stupid.

Clearly co-worker didn't mean to kill anyone. But in a flash my perception went from "smart, does job well, cool peeps" to "ehhhh..."

12667261, http://i.imgur.com/a92Bi8P.jpg
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Dec-04-14 02:42 PM
12667262, just don't find yourself in a situation like that...
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Thu Dec-04-14 02:43 PM
at the end of the day, they have to deal with the incident and that
type of stigma for the rest of their lives.
12667388, RE: Found out a co-worker killed 2 people in a DUI manslaughter
Posted by janey, Thu Dec-04-14 04:25 PM
I worked in an office in which someone in very high standing did the hit-the-gas-instead-of-the-brake thing and ran into a bunch of girl scouts selling cookies together with their moms. One of the moms had her leg amputated and the children were hospitalized but all lived, iirc. But whoa shit. There was some question of whether he should have been driving while on painkillers because he was having severe back problems, and he was parking in a disabled space (reminder to girl scouts -- don't set up your stand in front of a DISABLED parking space), and it would freak me the fuck out thereafter whenever he would offer the woman in the office next to me some nice oxycontin for her knee pain, claiming it had no side effects.

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12667501, One of my coworkers nearly killed someone in a DUI
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Thu Dec-04-14 05:44 PM
Chick I worked on a project with came to me one day and told me she was going to be out 'cause she had to go to court. She told me it was for a DUI where she swiped a car with her truck causing the car to hit a curb sideways and flip on its side while she eventually hit a tree head-on. Amazingly she was completely unharmed but the driver of the car was in critical condition for a while.

She hired an amazing lawyer that got her DUI minimized and she wound up with 10 days in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's infamous Tent City with work release during the day and a breathalyzer starting mechanism on her car for a year.

I was the only person in the entire company that knew about it.

Same thing, I went from "she's a brilliant engineer with her head on straight" to side-eyeing her for the rest of the time I worked there.


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12667553, that's another thing: walking away without a scratch
Posted by j., Thu Dec-04-14 06:48 PM
my co-worker just walked, mugshot shows no bruises no nothing
I'm trying to remember if I put on my seatbelt the times I drove drunk
can't even remember one way or the other
12667562, dang
Posted by SHAstayhighalways, Thu Dec-04-14 06:59 PM
12667570, Someone at my hs killed his 2 best friends.
Posted by ndibs, Thu Dec-04-14 07:07 PM
And showed up at school for the rest of the year looking like a zombie

.....one was a kid in my speech class.

So I've never drank and drove even tipsy.

That traumatized me. Made it too real.
12669030, i can relate. my freshman year,
Posted by BigJazz, Sun Dec-07-14 06:49 PM
5 of the most popular kids in school were riding in the car. The driver was drunk and when they crashed, only the driver survived.

To say his life after that was fucked up would be an understatement...he's been on and off drugs, tried to kill himself unsuccessfully more than once, and he been locked up a few times.

before the crash, he was a privileged young white kid headed to MIT...

I'm tryna be better off, not better than
12667666, Dude I worked with killed his girlfriend in a DUI
Posted by Castro, Thu Dec-04-14 10:46 PM
his parents cleaned up the mess and he moved from Florida to GA to start over.
12669028, white guy?
Posted by BigJazz, Sun Dec-07-14 06:41 PM
12669034, RE: white guy?
Posted by Castro, Sun Dec-07-14 07:04 PM
12669016, I used to work with this mofo...
Posted by PRYM8, Sun Dec-07-14 05:58 PM
... and he was the quietest most non assuming guy.

12669025, damn that f*cked up
Posted by wluv, Sun Dec-07-14 06:21 PM
wasnt ready to see that
12669095, that shit messed me up!Whoa!
Posted by lionelzeus, Sun Dec-07-14 10:56 PM