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Topic subjectever take someone to small claims court?
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12664512, ever take someone to small claims court?
Posted by universole, Tue Dec-02-14 12:12 AM
did some work, they wont pay.

gotten every excuse in the book.

"emails/invoices went to junkmail and were never seen" lie! shout to sidekick by hubspot. i can see when they read my emails.

"check was sent out, checking with my accountant to see if it was cashed"

another 2 weeks go by then

"check went to the wrong zip, sending out another on weekly check run". yah bitch you got a weekly check run....

she just kept stalling.

anyway..never received a check, kept resending invoices. stayed amicable for months and now i'm just fed up.

gonna take her to court.

anyone have any experience? what can i expect?