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Topic subjectever take someone to small claims court?
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12664512, ever take someone to small claims court?
Posted by universole, Tue Dec-02-14 12:12 AM
did some work, they wont pay.

gotten every excuse in the book.

"emails/invoices went to junkmail and were never seen" lie! shout to sidekick by hubspot. i can see when they read my emails.

"check was sent out, checking with my accountant to see if it was cashed"

another 2 weeks go by then

"check went to the wrong zip, sending out another on weekly check run". yah bitch you got a weekly check run....

she just kept stalling.

anyway..never received a check, kept resending invoices. stayed amicable for months and now i'm just fed up.

gonna take her to court.

anyone have any experience? what can i expect?

12664527, if you do, pray the filing forces their hand
Posted by imcvspl, Tue Dec-02-14 01:22 AM
because actually going to small claims court is a pain in the ass. and know just because you go, and even if you win doesn't mean you're walking out with a check.

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12676603, RE: if you do, pray the filing forces their hand
Posted by universole, Tue Dec-16-14 09:59 AM
thats what i'm hoping.

had a lawyer friend send a demand letter over, got a call from her saying "another" check has gone out. we'll see.

this has been a frustrating experience. its becoming less about the money now, i just don't want her getting away with this.
12676606, yep and i paid 17 bucks to have their wages garnished
Posted by lazyboi, Tue Dec-16-14 10:01 AM
and ex roommate

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12677374, 17bucks well spent
Posted by universole, Tue Dec-16-14 04:16 PM
12676610, I did and I won.
Posted by initiationofplato, Tue Dec-16-14 10:03 AM
Same scenario. I did some work for a client who took the work, and basically told me to f*ck off. He added that he was going to change a few details to make the work "his". It was a really stressful situation.

I took him to small claims court and it was settled with a mediator. Long story short, he paid and was told that the funds would be seized if he didn't pay by a certain date.

There is a small fee to file at the small claim's court. Go ahead and use the system, it works if you have a strong case and it will absolve you from the stress and frustration you are feeling.
12676757, I need to
Posted by MizClayton, Tue Dec-16-14 11:11 AM
but they live in Texas :-(

so I gotta come out of pocket to go there for court
12677373, ugh. that sucks.
Posted by universole, Tue Dec-16-14 04:16 PM
can you tack those expenses on to the judgement?
12677594, good question
Posted by MizClayton, Tue Dec-16-14 08:06 PM
I should look into that