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Topic subjectI had no idea what a Cosplayer was
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12663200, I had no idea what a Cosplayer was
Posted by Heinz, Sun Nov-30-14 04:55 PM
I wouldve seen him as a threat but i wuldnt have shot him...i mean he was at a distance, with his back turned and running....what was he gonna do? Throw the sword perfectly with enough force it was gonna work and kill me? It wasn't a ninja star...and he wasnt a ninja. Again a cop's fear got the best of him. I GET I GET IT they put themselves in danger, as I too would've felt in danger with Mike Brown and even this case. But thats part of the job. Either be able to handle it...or not. We are seeing that a lot of officers cannot handle it. The fear takes over and they shoot. These kids were at a distance where they aren't able to do anything, the reason to shoot is ridiculous.


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